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Recently we received an email from one of our travelers. It was a story of charity and doing something kind for those less fortunate. It is a privilege to be in a position to help others because we have an abundance ourselves. We believe this at ElderTreks. We feel very proud of many of our tour leaders who also believe in this philosophy and help us to leave a charitable footprint on places we travel to.

Jib is one such tour leader. We received an email from Nadine and Mo who were on the Laos trips this past January. They raved about how Jib bought blankets for the hill tribes in remote parts of Laos. In addition to ElderTreks’ contribution, Jib contributed personally as well as collected money from friends. She then bought, packaged and transported the blankets to the hill tribes who do not have adequate blankets and clothes when temperatures really drop, which it can due to the higher elevations of the villages. In fact, just days later, the village received snow, and it was the first time that many of the children had ever seen snow before.

Enjoy some of the photos of the hill tribe children receiving blankets.

Amanda Dunning - April 07, 2016

This week’s blog features our Tour Leader, Gugga and her love for her beautiful country. She discusses some of her favorite highlights of our Iceland tour.

1. One of my favorite highlights is traveling across the interior of Iceland to see the untouched and rough beauty. It is an absolute wonderland for the photographer. Unfortunately, if winters are long with heavy snow, the interiors can be closed in the beginning of the season but that we never know until the beginning of June. There we will have the opportunity to visit a natural geothermal pool with warm water and enjoy a warm swim in its waters. That same pool was also used by the Vikings during the settlement of Iceland. Let’s become a true Icelander and take a bath in nature!

2. Another favorite for me is to be able to go both to Fjallakaffi and Snænautasel before going on to Egilstaðir. There we have the best-twisted doughnuts in Iceland, which are deep-fried doughnuts with raisins inside rich in taste of cardamom. They are best served with a glass of ice-cold full fat milk, and you will be in heaven! Sænautasel is located in the interior north, far away from everything and everyone. You feel that you are so isolated from everything there and that you are alone in the world. Both of those places are very special and will be remembered by the group. Sænautasel has a history that is linked to Canada. Its story dates back to the time when 25% of the population emigrated from Iceland over to Canada and the US.

3. I like going to the Glacier Lagoon and as well to the seashore where we see the broken ice drift out to the ocean and you can touch 1000-year-old ice. Pretty neat!

4. Hiking on the glacier is definitely a highlight. It’s a great and unique experience.

5. Going to Þorvaldseyri the Volcano Museum. It is a very touching experience because you watch the documentary made by the people living on the farm that was badly affected by the 2010 eruption; Eyjafjallajökull. You even have the same family members giving you the admission tickets. They also have a really good gift shop there with almost all locally made products.

After you’ve heard about all of my favorite experiences, don’t you want to join us? Check out the fantastic ElderTreks Iceland tour and come explore this incredible country.

Gugga Eiríksdóttir - March 01, 2016

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