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Summer Afternoon
Monkeys of Gibralter
Happy Girls
famous soccer player Diego Maradona with graffiti

Nepal 4
At the bird park
Colorful Canal
Kerala waterway

Lunch time on the doorstep.
Ballons over Bagan
Green man gate

passport control border guard
Waiting for the camel race
Hamer Women

Evening Prayers at Golden Rock
Heads up!
serene, elderly nun at Ankor Wat
Sunset Fishing

Hands decorated for wedding
Homeless man in Paris
Paro Festival
Steps to heaven

Morning Shopping
blind musician earning a living
Orphan Elephants' Bath
Indian Girl

The Boss
Safe in Daddy's arms
Waiting for business
Loving-kindness in a memorable moment

Look into these eyes
Steps to heaven
Nepal 2

Marning on the Ganges
El Tatio Geysers Spewing Water and Steam
Fellow Travelers
Ocelot on the prowl
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