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Three Generations Rowing on the Mekong River
Begging for Bananas
Female golden orb spider suspended between two buildings

I Call Them "Sweet Ones"
Intricate Simplicity
Smiling Groom's Wedding Day
Into The Mystic

At the bird park
Green man gate
Loving-kindness in a memorable moment
Steps to heaven

Speke's Masked Weaver
Early morning on the Ganges
A face sculpted by time
Mt Hagan Festival

Lunch time on the doorstep.
Safe in Daddy's arms
Verreaux Sifika
Beautiful Woman from South India

Iranian women shopping
Peacock Fan Dancing
Homeless man in Paris
Sunset Fishing

Paro Festival
Long neck
Fun in the Water
help ... a hippo is coming

Summer Afternoon
Steps to heaven
British Pride
Mt Hagan Festival

Nepal 4
Ocelot on the prowl
Beautiful smile!
Colorful Canal

Orphan Elephants' Bath
Hands decorated for wedding
Serious food business
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