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Long Time Gone
Beautiful Woman from South India
At the bird park
Safe in Daddy's arms

When Pigs Fly, and Goats climb Trees
Begging for Bananas
Male Parson's Chameleon

Waiting for business
Steps to heaven
British Pride
Gymkana perfermance

Ocelot on the prowl
Nepal 3
Smiling Groom's Wedding Day
Children sitting in niche in Mosque

Sunrise on the Ganges
Stormy Summer clouds
I Call Them "Sweet Ones"
Paro Festival Demon Dance

Nepal 2
British Pride
Multi-faceted Buddhist Figure
Barong Dancer

Timeout for a Smoke
Leopard on the prowl
blind musician earning a living
Mt Hagan Festival

Look into these eyes
Elephant Salute
Morning Glory
Monks making a mandala

Nepal 4
serene, elderly nun at Ankor Wat
Three Great Gals
These Facial Lines Tell a Thousand Stories

Looking for action
Mt Hagan Festival
Bali high
Shop Keeper
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