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Little girl in traditional dress
Notice the Canadian Pin
Iranian women shopping
Monkeys of Gibralter

Shop Keeper
Heads up!
Hamer Women
Waiting for business

Waiting for the camel race
Zebra Stripes
Verreaux Sifika

Nightfall in Prague
Buddhist Monks Toeing the Line
Morning Shopping
Early morning on the Ganges

British Pride
Man in dugout canoe during orange season in April
Colorful Canal
Kerala waterway

Mothers, Babies, and Protester
Fun in the Water
Lunch time on the doorstep.
serene, elderly nun at Ankor Wat

I Call Them "Sweet Ones"
Beautiful smile!
Beautiful Woman from South India
blind musician earning a living

Stirring Buffalo Curd
Sunset Fishing
Mt Hagan Festival
Multi-faceted Buddhist Figure

Furry Family
Nepal 1
Woman in doorway

Safe in Daddy's arms
Marning on the Ganges
Swallow-Tailed Gull with Chick
Making bread
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