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Peacock Fan Dancing
Monkeys of Gibralter
Mt Hagan Festival Huli Tribe
Stirring Buffalo Curd

Beautiful Woman from South India
help ... a hippo is coming
Multi-faceted Buddhist Figure

After the hunt
Three Generations Rowing on the Mekong River
Time for a chat
Stormy Summer clouds

Male Gelada Baboon
The Boss
Mating butterflies
Monks making a mandala

Children sitting in niche in Mosque
Look into these eyes
Buddhist Monks Toeing the Line

Magnificent Blue Mosque
Waterfall Bliss
Female golden orb spider suspended between two buildings
Indian Girl

Into The Mystic
When Pigs Fly, and Goats climb Trees
Pigeons in flight
Ocelot on the prowl

Verreaux Sifika
I Call Them "Sweet Ones"
These Facial Lines Tell a Thousand Stories
Paro Festival

Baptism Ceremony, Timket Festival
Elephant Salute
Nepal 4
You look tasty!

Morning Glory
blind musician earning a living
Speke's Masked Weaver
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