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Jokhang Temple Lhasa
Just Observing
Little Girl from the Himba Trabe in Namibia

On the Alert
Baku, in the old town
Simien Mountains panorama

How dare you disturb me.
My Beauty
"Don't Come Back Till You're Sober"
Stork in flight

Camel Train to the Desert
Bridal Head Piece
Applying Makeup for the Barong
Masai elder

Across the Square
Rajasthan Beauty
Lake Erhai - Yunnan

Botswana's National Bird: Lilacbreasted Roller
Monk Procession
Bug Light Lighthouse
Musicians of India

Gum Tree
Bhutan Stream
Waiting for the Ferry
Tapati Festival

Dali Museum
curious children dogon villages
Orthodox Priest in Shadow
Wood Carving

Tatev monastery
Tumbuna Preparation
Sitting Pretty
Festival Time

The Mother and Child
Gelada Baboons posing for a photo
Abandoned Greek Town
Wiggly lunch
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