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Monks making a mandala
Making bread
Notice the Canadian Pin
Leopard on the prowl

A face sculpted by time
Barong Dancer
Beautiful smile!
Colorful Canal

Magnificent Blue Mosque
Children sitting in niche in Mosque
Crowd watching the Buddhist religious festival
Elephant Salute

Hamer Women
Water Everywhere
Into The Mystic
animals indianapolis zoo

Swallow-Tailed Gull with Chick
Serious food business
Woman in doorway
Evening Prayers at Golden Rock

Verreaux Sifika
Java Dancer
Nepal 3

Bali high
I Call Them "Sweet Ones"
Loving-kindness in a memorable moment

Furry Family
Male Gelada Baboon
Stormy Summer clouds
Intricate Simplicity

Morning Glory
Mothers, Babies, and Protester
Time for a chat
British Pride

Male Parson's Chameleon
Zebra Stripes
Beautiful Woman from South India
stripes on
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