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Ocelot on the prowl
Monkeys of Gibralter
Smiling Groom's Wedding Day
Green man gate

Green man gate
After the hunt
Indian Village
Young "Red Hat" Nyingmapa Sect monk

The Boss
Heads up!
Three Great Gals
stripes on

help ... a hippo is coming
Orphan Elephants' Bath
Mating butterflies

Summer Afternoon
Female golden orb spider suspended between two buildings
Pigeons in flight
Fun in the Water

Hands decorated for wedding
Paro Festival Demon Dance
Timeout for a Smoke
Sunrise on the Ganges

Early morning on the Ganges
Maori War Dancer
The Taj Mahal from across the Yamuna River
Mt Hagan Festival

Leopard on the prowl
Long Time Gone
British Pride
Stormy Summer clouds

Gymkana perfermance
Looking for action
Arbore Women

Hava a nice day!
Steps to heaven
Waiting for the camel race
Morning Shopping
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