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Fellow Travelers
After the hunt
Mt Hagan Festival
Paro Festival

blind musician earning a living
Furry Family
Leopard on the prowl
Nightfall in Prague

The Boss
Towers Of Angkor Wat
Serenity & Peace
Three Generations Rowing on the Mekong River

Fire Dance, Sri Lanka
Hava a nice day!
Gymkana perfermance
Intricate Simplicity

Long Time Gone
A fisherman
Crowd watching the Buddhist religious festival

Homeless man in Paris
Long neck
Evening Prayers at Golden Rock
Looking for action

Ocelot on the prowl
I Call Them "Sweet Ones"
Making bread

Hands decorated for wedding
Magnificent Blue Mosque
Helping a Friend

Morning Shopping
Stirring Buffalo Curd
famous soccer player Diego Maradona with graffiti
Elephant Salute

Nepal 2
Stormy Summer clouds
Paro Festival Demon Dance
Pigeons in flight
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