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serene, elderly nun at Ankor Wat
Water Everywhere
Kerala waterway
Happy Girls

Java Dancer
Mt Hagan Festival
Female golden orb spider suspended between two buildings

famous soccer player Diego Maradona with graffiti
Sunrise on the Ganges
Hamer Women

Monkeys of Gibralter
Children sitting in niche in Mosque
Hava a nice day!
Male Gelada Baboon

Early morning on the Ganges
A face sculpted by time
Waterfall Bliss
Long neck

Towers Of Angkor Wat
British Pride
Shop Keeper
I've got an eye on you.

Male Parson's Chameleon
Mt Hagan Festival
Baptism Ceremony, Timket Festival
Pigeons in flight

The Taj Mahal from across the Yamuna River
Mt Hagan Festival Huli Tribe
Leopard on the prowl
Notice the Canadian Pin

Nepal 2
Monkeys of Gibralter
Steps to heaven
Timeout for a Smoke

Serious food business
Multi-faceted Buddhist Figure
Speke's Masked Weaver
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