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Steps to heaven
Buddhist Monks Toeing the Line
Sunrise on the Ganges
A face sculpted by time

Into The Mystic
Marning on the Ganges
serene, elderly nun at Ankor Wat

Mothers, Babies, and Protester
Paro Festival
Children sitting in niche in Mosque
Mt Hagan Festival

Early morning on the Ganges
Hava a nice day!
Intricate Simplicity
Waiting for the camel race

Mating butterflies
Barong Dancer
Multi-faceted Buddhist Figure

Paro Festival Demon Dance
Serious food business
Gymkana perfermance
Ballons over Bagan

Look into these eyes
Male Parson's Chameleon
Leopard on the prowl
Summer Afternoon

Male Gelada Baboon
The Boss
Java Dancer
Mt Hagan Festival

Morning Glory
Evening Prayers at Golden Rock
El Tatio Geysers Spewing Water and Steam

Beautiful Woman from South India
Young "Red Hat" Nyingmapa Sect monk
Monkeys of Gibralter
Mt Hagan Festival
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