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Making bread
Heads up!
Kerala waterway
Helping a Friend

Buddhist Monks Toeing the Line
Multi-faceted Buddhist Figure
Ballons over Bagan
Man in dugout canoe during orange season in April

Fun in the Water
A fisherman
Long neck
Nepal 3

Time for a chat
Street Performers Taking a Break
Paro Festival Demon Dance
Waiting for the camel race

Hamer Women
Mt Hagan Festival
Morning Glory
Summer Afternoon

Mating butterflies
Nepal 4
Serenity & Peace
A face sculpted by time

Gymkana perfermance
Magnificent Blue Mosque
Barong Dancer

Verreaux Sifika
Stirring Buffalo Curd
Intricate Simplicity
Orphan Elephants' Bath

help ... a hippo is coming
Female golden orb spider suspended between two buildings
Nepal 1
I Call Them "Sweet Ones"

stripes on
El Tatio Geysers Spewing Water and Steam
British Pride
Waterfall Bliss
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