Papua New Guinea Tour

FEATURED TOUR - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is like no other place on earth - culturally rich and geographically remote, with some of the most stunning scenery anywhere.
From the rugged mountains to the coastal islands, this journey is an adventure of a lifetime. We meet and learn about some of the tribal people of this land including the Asaro Mudmen, the Wahgi, the Simbu, the Kaguel and the fascinating Trobriand Islanders.
Read more about our 21 day Papua New Guinea tour.



North Pole

2015 - Final Expedition Year for 50 Years of Victory

The 74,000 horsepower(!) nuclear icebreaker, 50 Years of Victory, will be taking expedition passengers to the North Pole for the final time in 2015. Will tourists be able to explore the North Pole by ship after 2015? At the moment, that possibility is looking unlikely. If you've been holding off, now may be your only chance. Discover more about our Journey to the North Pole expedition.



The Iron Curtain. For almost five decades it served as a philosophical and physical divide that made travel to the countries 'behind' it impossible for much of the world. Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia are three of these, whose impressive mountain vistas were off-limits to westerners, along with their cultural and historical treasures. But now, all that has changed. read more...

Costa Rica

Another World at Abetavu

Chelsey Crossland, ElderTreks Operations Manager, recently returned from five weeks of travel in Africa. While there she visited the ElderTreks sponsored orphanage, Abetavu, in Uganda.
Read about her visit and gain insight into the disheartening struggles of daily life for some of these children and the hope given for Carli and Robert's growing family at Abetavu.

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