Laos - Along the Mythical Mekong

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• Enjoy a 2-day Mekong River Safari
• Explore the Plain of Jars
• Visit Luang Prabang - a UNESCO World Heritage Site
• Discover Khong Island
• Enjoy an elephant safari on the Boloven Plateau
• Visit tribal villages

Fact File

• 16 land days
• Maximum 16 travelers
• Start and finish in Bangkok, Thailand
• All meals included
• Includes 3 internal flights
• Activity Level: 2


Experience the ancient traditions of a welcoming culture. The culture and traditions of Laos are the least changed among Southeast Asian countries and make it a mecca for those searching for a truly exotic adventure. Here, you will find ancient temples, exquisite scenery, an eventful history and exotic cuisine, all within the warm embrace of a welcoming people.

We begin in Bangkok, Thailand and travel north to Chiang Rai, then on to the Golden Triangle. A two-day Mekong River journey takes us to remote hill tribe villages and past mountainous jungles. Meet the local fishermen en route to our first destination, Luang Prabang - a UNESCO World Heritage Site with some of the most exotic temples in Asia.

Travel to the Plain of Jars and ponder the great mystery of the thousands of 2,500-year-old stone jars. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of Vang Vieng with its numerous caves and vibrant river activities.

We leave the scenic countryside and travel to the nation's capital, Vientiane. This eclectic city is a mixture of Lao, Thai, Vietnamese, French and American influences; its many faces expressed through its people and architecture. We visit the majestic temple site of Wat Phou, a Khmer ruin built 200 years before Angkor Wat.

Traveling south, we experience the natural beauty of Khong Island on the Mekong River. At the Boloven Plateau, enjoy an elephant safari and hike through the surrounding local villages and coffee plantations. Our journey concludes with a flight back to Bangkok.

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Comfortable hotels/lodges with private bathrooms.

Comfort notes

Some rough/dusty roads and long drives. Flexibility is key due to changing internal airline schedules.

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Bangkok, Thailand
Day 2: Fly to Chiang Rai, Thailand
Day 3: To Pac Beng, Laos
Day 4: Mekong River Cruise, Tham Ting Holy Caves, to Luang Prabang
Day 5: Luang Prabang - National Museum
Day 6: Kuang Sy Waterfall, K'hmu Villages
Day 7: Luang Prabang to The Plain Of Jars
Day 8: Plain of Jars
Day 9: To Vang Vieng
Day 10: Vang Vieng, to Vientiane
Day 11: Vientiane
Day 12: Fly to Pakse, Pha Pheng Water Falls, Khong Island for start of Mekong River Cruise
Day 13: Oum Muong Temple, uei Thamo
Day 14: Wat Phou Ruins, Champassak, Pakse
Day 15: Pakse, Fly to Bangkok
Day 16: Depart Bangkok

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