Libya - Land of Shifting Sands

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• Walk through Tripoli's Medina and Old City
• Visit the ancient Roman cities of Sabratha and Leptis Magna
• Travel through the Jebel Nafusa to Ghadames
• Desert camping adventure
• See the pre-historic rock carvings at Wadi Methkandoush
• Jebel Akhdar Mountains
• Visit 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Fact File

• 18 land days
• Maximum 16 travelers
• All meals included
• Start and finish in Tripoli
• Includes 3 domestic flights
• All accommodations and camping equipment incl.
• Activity Level: 3


A new political era has opened the doors for adventure travelers to a truly fascinating land. Libya, with the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Sahara Desert to the south, boasts an impressive history dating back 2,600 years. Libya has been occupied by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Turks, Italians, Spanish and Arabs, each leaving their own historic legacy.

Visit four UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Sabratha, dating back to 600 BC; Ghadames - the Jewel of the Sahara; the ancient Greek city of Cyrene; and the ancient Roman city of Leptis Magna. Libya's archeology is only a sampling of the intrigue awaiting the intrepid traveler.

Encounter Berber culture in villages of the Western Mountains. Enjoy the singing and dancing of the desert nomads, the Tuareg, as the sun sets on the golden Saharan dunes. Experience true adventure with three nights of camping, traversing the massive dunes of the Sahara, sculpted by wind and highlighted by the sun. View some of the finest pre-historic rock carvings in the world at Wadi Methkandoush. Hundreds of petroglyphs date back to 10,000 BC and include carvings of elephants, hippos, giraffes, cattle and birds.

Enjoy a refreshing dip in the Ubari Lakes. Stroll through Apollonia, the city of churches, with its baths and palaces, built by the Byzantines over 1,000 years ago. Meander through the narrow lanes of the medinas and local souqs, walk along ancient pathways left by the Romans, and become mesmerized by the piercing brilliance of stars while camping in the Sahara, just as the traditional Tuareg have done for a thousand years. Join our journey to a fascinating land that will completely overwhelm your senses.

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Comfortable accommodations with private bathrooms in the north, some basic accommodation with private bathrooms in the south. Features 1 night wild camping in canvas pop tents and sleeping mats with no facilities but a toilet tent.

Comfort notes

Some rough/dusty roads and long drives.

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrive In Tripoli
Day 2: Tripoli, Interactive Libya Museum and Sabratha
Day 3: Ghadames, Berber Granaries of Qasr Al-Haj and Nalut
Day 4: Ghadames & Saharan Sunset
Day 5: Ghadames to Sabha
Day 6: Desert Camping Adventure, Adhan Murzak Sand Sea
Day 7: Wadi Methkandoush
Day 8: Ancient Garama and Germa
Day 9: Ubari Lakes, Return to Tripoli
Day 10: Tripoli Old Town Sights and National Museum
Day 11: Tripoli to Benghazi and Tolmeita
Day 12: Apollonia & Ras al-Hillal
Day 13: The Ancient Greek City of Cyrene
Day 14: Tobruk and World War II History
Day 15: To Benghazi via Slonta & Qasr Libya
Day 16: Fly to Tripoli
Day 17: Ancient Roman City of Leptis Magna
Day 18: Depart Tripoli
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