Voodoo and Spirits of West Africa

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• Visit 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
• Lose yourself in the Ayorou tribal market
• Visit the Giraffe Reserve
• Learn about Voodoo; visit fetish markets
• Enjoy the lush central plateau of Togo
• Visit the haunting Cape Coast and Elmina
• Explore Kakum National Park including canopy walk
• Visit the Ashanti people of Ghana
• Enjoy the Volta river safari and Ewe Tribal village

Fact File

• 22 land days
• Maximum 16 travelers
• Start in Niamey, Niger; finish in Accra, Ghana
• All meals included
• Activity Level: 2


Travel to another place and time. ElderTreks 4-country journey to Niger, Benin, Togo and Ghana is simply fascinating, for those with a real spirit of adventure.

This region of West Africa is the birthplace of Voodoo. Learn about the mysterious beliefs from encounters with Voodoo followers and priests. Explore fetish markets and visit temples and shrines to witness a Voodoo ceremony including the practices of chanting, drumming and the resulting trance.

In Niger, visit the capital, Niamey and the bizarre market of Ayorou, with it's fascinating tribal offerings. Journey in search of the last wild herd of giraffes in West Africa. In Benin, encounter a rich tribal and cultural diversity. In Togo, visit Somba and Koutammakou, a World Heritage Site. Drive through the lush, beautiful mountains of central Togo, stopping to visit one of the famous Kabye blacksmiths. We continue south to Lome with its many markets.

In Ghana, visit slave castles including the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Elmina and Cape Coast. Experience the haunting reminder of their sad history. Relax in the lush surrounds of Kakum National Park. Meet the Ashanti of Kumasi and enjoy a boat journey on the Volta River. Visit a Ewe Tribe and their Voodoo Shrine. We return to the capital of Accra, your departing point for this truly remote and adventurous journey in West Africa.

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Mostly comfortable hotels with private facilities, but in the more undeveloped areas, we will stay in the best available which may be less than our usual standards.

Comfort notes

Roads will be rough and dusty. Many places are very remote with very limited facilities enroute. Niger in particular is very interesting but very underdeveloped. Extreme heat may also play a role. We recommend that only those in good health participate in this tour.

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Niamey, Niger
Day 2: Niamey City Sights
Day 3: Drive to Ayorou for a Market Day
Day 4: Malanville (Benin) via Giraffe Reserve
Day 5: NatitIngou via Djougou
Day 6: Village Walk; Meet the Chief and his Wives
Day 7: To Togo, Koutammakou - Tribal Villages, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Day 8: Kara to Bandjeli to Notse
Day 9: Fetish Mountains
Day 10: Kpalime and Dance of the Ewe Hunters
Day 11: Lome
Day 12: Sights of Lome - Fetish Market and Voodoo
Day 13: Coastal Togo - Slave Dungeons and the Raising of the Sacred Stone
Day 14: To Ghana; Dzodze Village; Voodoo Ceremony
Day 15: Volta River and Monkey Sanctuary
Day 16: To Accra - City Tour
Day 17: SOS Village, Kumasi and Ashanti King's Palace
Day 18: Ashanti Villages UNESCO Sites
Day 19: Cape Coast and Historic Forts
Day 20: UNESCO Sites; Kakum National Park and Elmina Slave Castles
Day 21: Return to Accra
Day 22: Departure
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