Arctic Explorer

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• Seek bears, whales and walrus in their Arctic feeding grounds
• Learn first-hand about the history and culture of the Inuit
• Voyage along the magnificent fiords of Greenland's coast
• Visit the burial site of the famous Qilakitsoq mummies

Fact File

• 12 days
• Start in Resolute, finish in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
• All meals on board included
• Travel aboard the Ocean Endeavour
• Activity Level: 1


This epic adventure begins at the entrance to the Northwest Passage. We'll visit the final resting place of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition at Beechey Island and search for polar bears and walrus in far north Baffin Island. At Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet), our hosts will welcome us with throat-singing and Inuit games, before we explore Baffin's mighty fiords. We'll seek bowhead whales in Niginganiq (Isabella Bay)- the world's first Inuit-initiated whale sanctuary. Crossing Davis Strait, we'll be met by Greenland's stirring icescape. There, we'll zip among the freshly calved bergs off Ilulissat in our Zodiacs, marvel at Uummannaq's heart-shaped mountain, and and hike around Itilleq Fjord. Spectacular Kangerlussuaq Fjord makes a glorious finale to our trip.

This is not an ElderTreks operated tour. As such, participants on this tour are not exclusive ElderTreks clients and it may not adhere to ElderTreks' maximum size restrictions of our tours.

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All travel aboard the Ocean Endeavour.

Comfort notes

Seas can be rough. Wet and dry zodiac landings required.

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Resolute
Day 2: Beechey Island and Prince Leopold
Day 3: Ikpiarjuk (Arctic Bay)
Day 4: Bylot Island
Day 5: Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet)
Day 6: North East Baffin
Day 7: Nigingnaniq (Isabella Bay)
Day 8: Karrat Fjord
Day 9: Uummannaq
Day 10: Ilulissat
Day 11: Itilleq Fjord
Day 12: Kangerlussuaq
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