Arctic Explorer

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• Seek bears, whales and walrus in their Arctic feeding grounds
• Learn first-hand about the history and culture of the Inuit
• Voyage along the magnificent fiords of Greenland’s coast
• Visit the burial site of the famous Qilakitsoq mummies

Fact File

• 12 days
• Start in Resolute, finish in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
• All meals on board included
• Travel aboard the Ocean Endeavour
• Activity Level: 1


This epic adventure begins at the entrance to the Northwest Passage. We'll visit the final resting place of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition at Beechey Island and search for polar bears and walrus in far north Baffin Island. At Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet), our hosts will welcome us with throat-singing and Inuit games, before we explore Baffin's mighty fiords. We'll seek bowhead whales in Niginganiq (Isabella Bay)— the world's first Inuit-initiated whale sanctuary. Crossing Davis Strait, we'll be met by Greenland's stirring icescape. There, we'll zip among the freshly calved bergs off Ilulissat in our Zodiacs, marvel at Uummannaq's heart-shaped mountain, and and hike around Itilleq Fjord. Spectacular Kangerlussuaq Fjord makes a glorious finale to our trip.

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All travel aboard the Ocean Endeavour.

Comfort notes

Seas can be rough. Wet and dry zodiac landings required.

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Resolute
Day 2: Beechey Island and Prince Leopold
Day 3: Ikpiarjuk (Arctic Bay)
Day 4: Bylot Island
Day 5: Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet)
Day 6: North East Baffin
Day 7: Nigingnaniq (Isabella Bay)
Day 8: Karrat Fjord
Day 9: Uummannaq
Day 10: Ilulissat
Day 11: Itilleq Fjord
Day 12: Kangerlussuaq
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