Classic Israel & Jordan

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• Religious and historic sites of Jerusalem
• Visit Haifa, Druze villages, Sea of Galilee and Nazareth
• Take a cable car to the mountaintop fortress of Massada
• Float in the Dead Sea in Israel & Jordan
• Relax at the Red Sea in Eilat
• Enjoy the stunning scenery of Wadi Rum
• Be impressed by Petra - Ancient Wonder of the World
• Explore the Roman ruins of Jerash
• Experience Berber hospitality and a camel ride

Fact File

• 20 and days
• Start in Tel Aviv, Finish in Amman
• Includes all meals
• Activity Level: 1-3


Journey to the Holy Land, a place not only steeped in remarkable history but it is also the land where the world's 3 great monotheistic religions have their origins - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These lands have been ruled by a succession of ancient to modern empires, including Babylonian, Persian, Greek Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, Christian (crusaders), Ottoman and British, each of which has left its mark. Today, Israel and Jordan co-exist peacefully.

In Israel, we visit Jerusalem where we spend time at and learn about many of the most impressive and significant religious sites. Visit Haifa, Golan Heights, Druze villages, Sea of Galilee, Nazareth and enjoy an overnight stay on a Kibbutz. Take a cable car to the ancient mountain top fortress of Massada. Enjoy a dip (or float) in the Dead Sea and visit the site where the Dead Sea scrolls were found. Experience Berber hospitality and a camel ride, visit Ben Gurion's hut & grave, the massive Ramon crater and witness the natural beauty of the Red Sea at Eilat.

In Jordan, stay in a comfortable tent in Wadi Rum, with it's massive pillars of sandstone rock rising from the rose-red desert floor. Enjoy several days in Petra, recently named as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is truly an awe-inspiring sight, carved into the sheer rock face by the Nabataeans over 2000 years ago, The Rose City of Petra was an important trade link between southern Arabia and the Far East. Enjoy stops at Mt. Nebo, the Dead Sea and the impressive ruins at Jerash, a Roman City built on a site dating back to the Neolithic Age.

Whatever the inspiration for your journey, we are sure that you will feel that this trip will change and effect you in a profound way.

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Comfortable accommodations with private bathrooms. 1 night on a Kibbutz and 1 night in a tent (Wadi Rum) with beds but shared bathroom facilities.

Comfort notes

Long drives and unpaved roads.

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrival into Tel Aviv
Day 2: Diaspora Museum, Caesarea, Druze Villages
Day 3: Haifa, Safed, Golan Heights
Day 4: Sea of Galilee, Nazareth
Day 5: Jerusalem: Old City
Day 6: Jerusalem: New City
Day 7: Qumran (site of the Dead Sea Scolls), Massada, Dead Sea
Day 8: Camel Ride, Berber hospitality, Ben Gurion's hut & grave, Ramon crater, to Eilat
Day 9: Red Sea - Swim, relax, underwater observatory, Timna - copper mines, King Solomon's pillars
Day 10: Arava Border crossing, To Wadi Rum ( Jordan), camel ride
Day 11: Wadi Rum jeep safari, Baidha Neolithic site, to Petra
Day 12: Petra - Highlights of the Rose City
Day 13: Petra - the Secret Road & High Place of Sacrifice
Day 14: Shobak Crusader Castle, Dana Nature Reserve, Wadi Finan
Day 15: World's Largest Collection of Ancient Mosaics in Madaba, Mt. Nebo, to Amman
Day 16: Sites of Amman
Day 17: Um Qais (Biblical Gadara), Roman Ruins of Jerash
Day 18: Dead Sea - lowest point on earth, Bethany - Baptismal site
Day 19: Relaxing Day at the Dead Sea
Day 20: Depart Amman
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