Classic India - Wildlife and Ancient Sites

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"This trip was about as close to perfect as trips go. "
L. Snipes


"Excellent trip. I can’t pick out one thing I enjoyed most – I enjoyed everything, the total experience. No suggestions. This was an outstanding trip. "
J. Jones


"Without a doubt the most fulfilling experience of my life- the realization of a lifelong dream – Better than I could imagine. We were treated as royalty everywhere we went- the food was grand- we were helped with explanations as to the tastes and kinds of food presented. I don’t know how you provided such excellent services and accommodations for your fee but I’m glad you could. "
M. Kidd


"The trip was wonderfully organized. We got good value for our money, and I am happy to recommend the company. I hope to take another trip."
D. Sweeney


"We loved India – the people especially. A real eye opener about a world we had never experienced first hand."
Eva Beller


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