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ElderTreks is introducing an exciting new initiative called “Real Stories. Real Experiences.” We are highlighting travel experiences from our travelers, team and fellow adventurers around the world!

We want to hear from you! We will be featuring guest bloggers on our website. Blogs can range on any travel topic, but we love spotlights on destinations we offer or travel tips. We will also share articles on our social media channels.

The first 10 selected will be awarded at $100 Future Trip Credit on ElderTreks exclusive trips.


  • Every article (blog post) must be unique, original and have been written by you.

  • Each post is limited to 500 words.

  • Make sure to write in a way that is experiential and focuses on the usability of the information and the quick and enjoyable informing of the reader. Articles such as “Top 10 List” – “Must See Destinations” – “To Dos in…” are the formats and styles we are looking for, but not the only ones.

  • Please send all items in a word document.

  • Posts may include photographs and videos. Prior to sending, please be certain that you own the intellectual property rights of the material.

  • If you have audiovisual material from your travels, you may include it, along with original text, in order to create a new post. (Pictures in jpeg format, videos uploaded in YouTube). You must hold intellectual property rights on the photos and/or videos.

  • You may also include photographs and/or video that have already been uploaded to a personal social network, such as Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and more. You must hold intellectual property rights on the photos and/or videos.

  • Please send all articles and related attachments to:

  • All submitted articles are subject to editing.

  • We thank all bloggers, but not all submissions will be used.

  • ElderTreks reserves the right to change the guidelines at any time and/or without notice.

- May 12, 2016

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