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Ancient Mariner - No Rhymes, Plenty of Reason

You have to love stories like this.  A four person crew.  A homemade raft. 10 weeks at Sea, from Canary Islands to St. Martin.  The skipper, 85 year old Anthony Smith. 

Talk about your ancient mariners! British adventurer Anthony Smith, 85, and a senior citizen crew have sailed their tiny raft, An-Tiki, some 3,000 miles from Portugal's Canary Islands to St. Martin in the Caribbean. They arrived this morning.

Smith and his three-man crew wanted to show what the elderly can do when they set their minds and hearts to it. The crossing puts one more quill in the British traveler and author's already feather-festooned hat. As a young man, Smith traversed Iran by motorcycle and, as a man merely middle-aged, crossed Africa aboard a one-man balloon. He is the author of 30 books and lives in London.

Read the rest at the source, ABC News.

Gerry - April 07, 2011

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