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Oman: A Photo Journey Part 2

This week we continue our adventure to the exciting country of Oman. Well known for its contrasts in landscape, ElderTreks’ Country Director Sofia takes us through some of her favorite photos and memories from Oman.

Omani Men - There are two main forms of headdress for men in Oman. Men will either wear a kuma (an embroidered cap) believed to have originated in Zanzibar, a former Oman colony, or a massar (an embroidered wool turban) worn tightly around the head.

Omani Coffee - “Kahwa” as it’s called, is a mix of bitter coffee flavored with cardamom and dates. It’s an important Bedouin and Arabic ritual when visiting people’s homes.

Omani Windows - Typical shuttered windows from the Dorfar region of Oman.

Sayq village - One of the many abandoned adobe villages in the Western Hajar mountains of Oman.

Desert - A Bedouin traffic jam in the desert!

Empty Quarter/Lost City of Ubar - On our Oman itinerary, you will spend a night in the Empty Quarter in search for the lost city of Ubar. Known as the lost city deep in the sands of Arabia, Ubar is thought to be the fabled center for the rich frankincense trade thousands of years ago.

Sur - on the Gulf Coast of Oman, Sur is your typical port city and where most of Oman’s traditional dhows are still built today.

Wadi Shab - Known as one of the most beautiful places in Oman, Wadi Shab (wadi meaning dry river bed), will have you hiking among banana trees, date plantations and stumbling among blue, turquoise pools and hidden waterfalls.

We hope you enjoyed this photo journey of Oman! If you have any questions regarding this incredible country, please give us a call!

If you are inspired to visit, check out our updated Oman itinerary here.

ElderTreks - February 08, 2016

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