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Tour Leader Jeff's Must-Sees in Madagascar

Madagascar is a unique destinations that inspires wildlife seekers from near and far to visit. It is home to thousands of species of animals, some of which are found nowhere else.

Jeff is ElderTreks’ Tour Leader in the incredible country of Madagascar. This week he is sharing some of the must-sees to discover when traveling to Madagascar.


In Ambositra you can find an abundant selection of Malagasy (rosewood, ebony, etc.) carved figures and marquetry. It is incredible artwork, and you will be amazed at the skill that goes into creating these masterpieces.

Marquetry in Ambositra









Photo Credit: Paul Laforest


The Golden Bamboo Lemur

The Golden Bamboo Lemur (for those who like mammals) or the Rufous Headed ground roller (for birders) is definitely one of the wildlife highlights here in Madagascar.

Golden Bamboo Lemur

















Isalo National Park

In Isalo National Park you can find the Jurassic-like scenery where the dinosaurs used to live and its endemic bird: the Benson Rock Thrush. It’s a unique landscape with flat grassy plains, and sandstone ridges. There are also many superstitions that must be observed as you walk through the park!

Isalo National Park










Berenty Private Reserve

Here you can find the famous Ring tailed lemur of Berenty Private Reserve and, if you are lucky, the insect-eating pitcher plant "Nepenthes". This is Madagascar’s best known reserve.

Nepenthes, Photo Credit: Paul Laforest

Photo Credit: Paul Laforest

The Indri

Catch a glimpse of the Indri, which is actually the biggest Lemur alive. They can be up to 3 feet tall, and jump upwards of 30 feet! 

Indri Lemur












Feeling inspired? Explore this diverse country on ElderTreks’ 18 day itinerary to Madagascar.


- July 08, 2016

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