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Top 5 Senior Travel Blogs

Top 5 Senior Travel Blogs to Follow

Reading about people’s adventures is almost as good as traveling yourself…right? Meet some of the world’s best-known boomer travel bloggers who share their stories and experiences on the road. Follow along as they adventure around the world, sharing photos, memories and tips along the way.

Here are some of our favorite blogs:

More Time to Travel

More Time to Travel was recently named one of the best boomer travel blogs by FlipKey and is written by Irene S. Levine and Jerome Levine. She worked most of her career as a respected and highly-regarded journalist in the health field before transitioning to travel. Her blog has destination information, books and gear, and lots of tips!

Where in the World is Kate?

Focusing on solo travel for women over 50, Kate is a smart and refreshing voice who focuses primarily on travels in Asia. The Middle East and Europe. She has lots of stories from her transition from Microsoft exec to full-time traveler! She's got great stories, tips and advice for solo women (and men) traveling the world.

My Itchy Travel Feet

Married pair Donna & Alan Hull are a writing and photographer duo who record their travel experiences through blogs so that the boomer population will be better informed for their next trips. They even have an exhaustive series of boomer-travel resources to share. Donna says that “the travel bug is like an itch you can’t quite scratch. I call it itchy feet”. Do you have itchy feet?

Never Stop Traveling

This blog is “the source for travelers who want to go beyond the typical trip”. (Sounds like us ElderTrekkers!). They focus mostly on Europe, South & North America. Jim Ferri, the editor of the blog says he wants to highlight real experiences while traveling the world and couple it with great photography. He’s also got some great travel tips on this blog.

Travel Past 50

Tom Bartel & Kristin Henning write and photograph destinations across the world, sharing tips, and stories geared to older adults “primed to pack up and travel”. They’ve got a great slogan – “ for those who’ve been around”. They sold all of their possessions in 2010 and now explore the world. Canada, Bali, Nebraska, and Paris are just a few of the most recent articles they’ve written about, but since they’ve been to over 40 countries, you will have no shortage of destinations to enjoy reading about!

Do you have any other travel bloggers that you like to follow? Share them with us in the comments below!

- July 27, 2016

"This is an on-the-surface short newsletter, but you have included website addresses for some very good information sources.
Amanda, is it you who is responsible for the newsletters now? I am quite impressed with this one! Short and sweet! Bravo!!! But I haven't a clue as to the "Where in the World" contest this time round! :-( :-))mjb"


"Travel Bliss Now
After years of working nose to the grindstone, and a series of family losses, Cindy (age 55) is determined to live a happier life and to make the post of it."

Cindy Baker

"Check out
Great sight for snow sport enthusiasts 50 plus"

Pam Crowe-Weisberg

"@MJ You can find the contest here:"


"We're both over 70, love travelling and writing. Many of our best stories and photos are on our website, "

John and Sandra Nowlan

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