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What is it Like to Visit Egypt Nowadays?

A question on a lot of people's minds lately is should I travel to places like Egypt? Are there safer destinations closer to home? Is it worth it for me to travel so far for places that could be unsafe?

Abdul, our Tour Leader in Egypt wanted to share his insights on his beautiful home country and to break away from the negatives that travelers often see in the media.

Abdul says: "I would like to let you know that touring Egypt nowadays is such a unique experience because clients can explore and visit the sights avoiding crowds. Being at sites on their own sometimes make them feel that they are the only tourists around. The only feedback we receive from clients regarding this matter is that they enjoyed their time very much in Egypt and they felt very safe and well taken care of".

The photos and stories that come back with our travelers share the same sentiment. Imagine being at the pyramids on your own, gazing at some of the greatest structures on Earth? All tour groups are well protected with any necessary security, and are welcomed into the cities as most people understand how important tourism is to their economy.

If you are interested in visiting Egypt soon, here are Abdul’s top recommended must-see’s (in conjunction with our travelers too!)


1)    The Pyramids of Giza & Sphinx

Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx


2)    The Egyptian museum including King Tut treasures


3)    Ramses II Temple in Abu Simbel.


4)   Valley of the Kings in west bank and Karnak temple in east bank (Luxor)

Valley of the Kings

5)    Siwa Oasis - the best natural oasisin the world.

6)    St. Catherine as a holy site


Are you interested in exploring Egypt? Consider joining Eldertrek’s 22-Day Egypt tour. Abdul would love to welcome you in Egypt.


- August 26, 2016

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