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The Best Place to See Polar Bears

Polar Bear and Cub by Simon Gee

Polar Bear & Cub by Simon Gee

Polar bears are some of the world’s most intriguing creatures. They seem so cute, fluffy and cuddly, but they're some of nature’s most fearful predators. They are skilled hunters and can smell food up to 30km away! They have no shortage of fear because they have no enemies in the wild. 

One of the best places in the world to see polar bears is Churchill, Manitoba. Located a short flight (or a long train ride) from Winnipeg, Churchill is a remote Northern Canadian town famous for the polar bears that inhabit the surroundings (and often, the town too).

In Churchill you can explore the Eskimo Museum, go dogsledding and walk around and check out the small northern town. You might even be able to see the northern lights while you're there. All of that is great - but you came to see the polar bears! Head out to see them in a converted school bus with giant wheels - a Tundra Buggy! The bears will come right up (but luckily, out of reach of you) so you will get many close encounters with these majestic beings. The Tundra Buggies usually have a viewing platform at the back where you can get incredible shots of bears playing and exploring the snowy tundra. The photos are sure to make your friends and family jealous!

The best time of year to see Polar Bears in the wild in Churchill is October and November. The reason being, the bears are headed to their seal hunting grounds after their summers, and are waiting for the ice to freeze over Hudson’s Bay. It's chilly up north, but well worth the extra layers for the opportunity to see so many polar bears.

Here are some photos to show you more about the experience in the Polar Bear Capital of the World! Photos don’t do the experience justice, but check them out:

Eskimo Museum Churchill Doug Ross

Eskimo Museum, Churchill. Photo by Doug Ross.

Northern Lights Churchill Bob Debets

Northern Lights. Photo by Bob Debets.

Tundra Buggy Churchill Karl Heinz-Raach

Tundra Buggy & a Polar Bear. Photo by Karl Heinz-Raach.

Photo from inside Tundra Buggy Churchill

Easy to take amazing pictures from a Tundra Buggy

Tundra Buggy Jim Baldwin

Close enough for you? Photo by Jim Baldwin.

Tundra Buggy and Polar Bears - Robert R Taylor

Photo by Robert R Taylor.

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- October 04, 2016

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