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Top 5 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Adventure Travelers

Top 5 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Adventure Travelers

Adventure travelers are a different breed. They take pride in unique, active and exhilarating experiences, and with that comes the need for gear that can keep up with them. With years of experience traveling the world, most adventurers come up with their go-to travel products that they never leave home without. Here are some of ElderTreks’ favorite travel accessories for adventure travelers.

Hiking Boots

It doesn’t matter the brand or if they are shorter or higher up the ankle – hiking boots are a must-have for any adventure traveler who likes to get off the beaten path and tread into the mud! As any adventurer would know, make sure to break in your boots before you put them to the test on the road. We're a big fan of the Merrell brand, but you can't go wrong with a comfortable, waterproof hiking boot. Don't skimp out on footwear - it's an item that can make or break your experience. You want good quality, comfort, and longevity from your shoes so if you're going to splurge somewhere - this would be the place!

We recommend: Merrell Hiking Boots

Merell Hiking Boot

Action Camera

Although adventure travelers love to live in the now and not spend all of their time behind the lens, cameras are a must to capture some of the unique landscapes and cultures that they come across. Imagine not having a camera while meeting the holy men in Varanasi or seeing the classic cars whizz by in Havana. It would be a shame not to have those moments and memories collected. Cameras have greatly improved over the years and although large DSLRs are great, even smaller video cameras are catching up. GoPros and smaller point and clicks or iPhones take memorable photos that have great quality. They're fun for those water experiences as well, like swimming with beluga whales or white water rafting.

We recommend: GoPro Camera HERO + LCD Video Recording Camera

Go Pro Hero Camera

Worldwide Adapter

As you travel to many countries, it becomes impractical to have an adapter for every single place you visit. Worldwide adapters are especially handy if you're visiting multiple countries on one trip. Just don’t forget that converters are for electrical items that require voltage conversions – so don’t forget to pack those if you have a hair dryer or something similar (not really feasible for jungle treks or camping trips in Patagonia, but you know what we mean!). Most electronics (cell phones, cameras, etc.) are dual voltage so you shouldn’t have any trouble plugging them in (just always check the label first). The new adapters now have USB ports as well which is always handy!

We recommend: OREI M8 Worldwide Adapter

Luggage Scale

If you are traveling in small planes, boats, and/or tuk-tuks, packing light is the key to any successful adventure travelers’ journey. Having a luggage scale is handy to make sure that your luggage is at the right weight. It helps you avoid paying those enormous charges at the airport (and from madly unpacking at the airport check-in counter – been there, done that!). The digital scales today even come equipped with thermometers and are pretty accurate when it comes to weights.

We recommend: Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Etekcity Luggage Scale

Money Belt

Money belts are tried and tested and most travelers have used it, and it typically gets a very touristy rap. With thieves improving their game nowadays it's crucial to protect your information with RFID protection. There are money belts out there now that block people from stealing your credit card’s information. You’ll still look silly, of course, but at least your information will be safe.

We recommend: Travel Passport Credit Protector 

RFID Money Belt


These are just a few of the many travel accessories that are out there. What are your favorites?



Amanda Dunning - October 14, 2016

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