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Top 5 Travel Apps That You Need

Top Travel Apps

Travel has completely changed due to the growth of technology and applications. There are numerous awesome travel apps that have made exploring the world a whole lot easier. Forget calculators, expensive phone calls home, or struggling with languages in your guide books - there's an app for that! Read on for ElderTreks' top travel apps.

XE Currency App

XE Currency

XE is hands down the best currency exchange website and app out there. You can convert different currencies on the go once you've downloaded the app. You can set the specific currencies you'll be using in the app and even easily convert when you’re not on wifi or data. No more wondering if you're getting a good deal at the market or at a local shop!

XE Currency Mobile App 

Google Translate App

Google Translate

It's pretty much a given that you won't speak every single language of the countries you travel to (unless you're a genius, and if so please teach us your linguistic ways!). Google Translate comes in handy, translating 103 different languages with a connection and 52 without. It's not perfect by any means, but it's definitely better than attempting to act out your desires or fumbling around in a guide book for the perfect phrase. 

Google Translate App


Skype has been a common application for travelers and family members with relatives abroad for years. It's an easy to use video conferencing program that also has a great instant messaging option. You can also pay for credits to use Skype just like a normal phone, and as long as the internet connection is decent, your conversations are too. There's nothing like being able to see your loved ones from far away or getting the chance to show them the beauty that surrounds you (like the coffee shop wherever you're stealing wifi from!).

Skype Mobile App


Whats App App

What’s App

What’s App is one of the world’s top messaging apps. It functions just like text-messaging, just without the huge roaming charges. You can use it over data but most importantly over wifi. You can send photos, texts and voice recordings over the app and you can keep in touch with those at home, but also the new friends you meet on the road. It's an easy way to contact home. Just make sure to set it up before you leave with the numbers you need.

What's App Mobile App

One Day App

Day One

There's nothing quite like putting pen to paper for keeping a travel journal - that is until you meet Day One. Day One is an online journal app that is unbelievably powerful. Not only can you write down your daily thoughts and keep track of your travels, you can add photos, maps and even the weather! The simple interface makes it easy to use and nice to look at. The other great thing is you can keep multiple journals so you can make travel specific ones or ones for the day to day at home too.

Day One Mobile App


Do you use any apps on your phone? Which ones are your favorites? Comment below!



Amanda Dunning - November 10, 2016

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