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Brochure Intro Pages    1.70 MB
Our introduction to the ElderTreks 2017-2018 catalogue includes our table of contents, an introduction to ElderTreks including Great reasons to travel with us, activity levels, our office staff/tour leaders and what we are doing to be a charitable, responsible company.
Africa & Middle East    3.49 MB
From South Africa to Egypt and everywhere in between, we have Africa and the Middle East covered. We have wildlife and tribal life from all corners of Africa, including Ethiopia, Morocco, Namibia, Uganda and Tanzania. Our Middle East programs include our very popular Iran adventure.
Americas    5.05 MB
North America, Central America or South America have plenty to offer the adventure traveler. Sail with the whales in Alaska, explore the rainforests of Costa Rica or relax at a ranch in Argentina. Great adventures await you!
Arctic and Antarctica    2.50 MB
Our Polar region Adventure ships will take you to places far away from modern civilization. The last great untouched frontiers on our Planet, the seas of the Arctic and Antarctic hold visual wonders that will leave you breathless.
Asia and South Pacific    7.46 MB
Culture, history and warm friendly people, Asia and the South Pacific evoke images of the exotic. With so much to offer, and so much diversity, every day is a fascinating experience. Explore a country in depth, take a 5 country overview, or hop aboard a passenger freighter. The possiblities are endless.
Europe    2.16 MB
The cobblestone streets of the old cities of eastern Europe, the white stucco architecture of the Greek islands and the barren, hot-spring laden landscape of Iceland await you on one of our European adventure tours.
ElderTreks Terms and Conditions    355.46 kB
Download the ElderTreks Terms and Conditions for booking any of our Adventure tours. Covering booking procedures, final payments, cancellation policy, transfers and other important aspects of our operations that you are required to know before booking.
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