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Congratulations to the Photo Contest Winners !!!


We would like to thank all the ElderTreks travellers who have shared their amazing moments. This year was another tough year to pick the best of the best! Congratulations to Gordon Kilgore with "Maasai Women - Kenya" for winning the first prize. Here is the summary with second and third prize winners:

  • 1st prize - $1,500*: Gordon Kilgore - Maasai Women, Kenya
  • 2nd prize - $500*: Valerie Cooper - Sunrise, Burma
  • 2nd prize - $500*: Robert Fink - Impala Sunset, South Africa
  • 3rd prize - $250*: Lia LaPiana - Jesus Lizard Walks on Water, Costa Rica
  • 3rd prize - $250*: Lina Zatzman - Primitive Majesty

Our staff will be contacting the winners shortly.
*Prizes are tour credits for future bookings on ElderTreks exclusive trips.

1st Prize
  Maasai Women, Kenya - by Gordon Kilgore
2nd Prize
  Sunrise, Burma - by Valerie Cooper Impala Sunset, South Africa - by Robert Fink
3rd Prize
  Jesus lizard walks on water, Costa Rica - by Lia LaPiana Primitive Majesty, Costa Rica - by Lina Zatzman



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