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Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean is an absolute gem for travel. A wealth of colonial architecture, perfect climate, pristine beaches, a diverse geography and last, but not least, the incredibly warm and welcoming people. Adventure travel in Cuba has it all.

Havana has continued to be the hub of the island nation since the Spanish arrived in 1515. Alive with the sounds of Cuban rhythms, the old city of Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has went through significant restoration in the recent past bringing it back to its full elegance. Of course your small group couldn't step foot in Havana without a visit to the world-famous Tropicana Cabaret. Las Vegas this is not, rather we'll be presented with an amazing show of culture which is a reflection of the heyday of Havana nights past. A testament to the timeless quality of this Cabaret.

Wandering through bird watching sanctuaries, horseback riding in El Cubano National Park, trekking along the Orchid Trail and of course visits to witness the arts of rum and cigar manufacturing, your group adventure will keep you busy and yet leave you time to enjoy the areas you'll be immersed in.

ElderTreks is delighted to be bringing back our Cuba adventure experience.

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