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November 2009

Stans:Central Asia
Peru Hiking
Bangkok to Kunming
Bulgaria & Macedonia
Sumatra, Java & Bali
French Polynesia
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South Pole
- Dec 3
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New Zealand
- Jan 18
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Greetings Fellow Traveler!

We are excited to announce that our NEW itineraries are now available on our website. Read on to find out where ElderTreks wants to take you this year, and a link to the detailed itineraries.

The Stans of Central Asia

May 21 - June 14, 2010
Oct 2 - 26, 2010

For thousands of years, lands were sought after and conquered by some of the worlds great leaders. Today it is the world's greatest adventure seekers who are drawn to the exotic lands of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. These are lands filled with harsh desserts, towering snow capped peaks, ancient cities and fortresses with exotic cultures. Explore the markets, villages and historic cities which evoke images of caravans traveling across deserts and over mountains, linking the east with west.

Peru Hiking

Sept 6 - 28, 2010

Peru offers some of the most impressive archeological sites in the world and equally stunning opportunities to hike past breathtaking mountain peaks, glacial lakes and lush river valleys. Visit the ancient lands of the Caral, Chavin, Chimu, Moche and Inca. Trek in the highest mountain range outside of the Himalayas, the Cordillera Blanca with 22 summits of over 19,000 feet. No Peru hiking adventure is complete without hiking a true Inca trail. Our ultimate 6-day lodge-to-lodge Salkantay Inca Trail will give you that journey, culminating in a visit to the UNESCO World heritage site of Machu Picchu.

Bangkok to Kunming

Nov 3 - 22, 2010

From the golden temples, opulent palaces and hustle and bustle of Bangkok, experience a journey northward through ancient ruins and hilltribes of Northern Thailand, Northwest Laos and Southern China as we retrace the origins of Thai culture and history. Traverse beautifully terraced ricefields; meander through colorful, local markets; enjoy delicous Asian cuisine; visit and learn about ethnic hilltribes; cycle through villages to ancient ruins, explore the Stone Forest of Kunming but most of all experience the smiles and warmth of exotic and beautiful cultures.

Bulgaria & Macedonia

May 21 - June 4, 2010

Welcome to Old Europe! With cobblestone streets, Roman ruins, cosmopolitan cities, quaint towns, and medieval monasteries, Bulgaria and Macedonia are two of the last European hidden gems. Join us as we explore remarkable cultural landmarks, pristine nature, UNESCO sites and meet friendly local people on our newest 15-day exploratory adventure. Bulgaria and Macedonia offer the perfect off-the-beaten-track adventure for seldom traveled Eastern Europe.

The Best of Indonesia

Aug 02 - 16 2010
Oct 18 - Nov 1, 2010

Java & Bali

Aug 16 - 29, 2010
Nov 1 - 14, 2010

Eldertreks is very excited to be bringing back two classic adventures - Sumatra and Java & Bali. The lush island of Sumatra, fifth largest in the world, is one of Indonesia's most important islands and perhaps its most beautiful. It is a truly extrordinary destination offering a variety of tribes, cultures, wildlife reserves, jungles, rivers, spectacular waterfalls and amazing crater lakes. Java & Bali is a journey to islands where volcanoes puff smoke, green rice sways in reflecting paddies, white sand beaches glisten in the sun and where ancient monuments and arts thrive in a contemporary culture. From the ancient temples of Borobudur and Prambanan to the towering presence of Mt Bromo this is the heart of Indonesia. For those with a passion to explore you can combine both trips to experience the best of Indonesia.

ElderTreks Contests

Congratulations to Carl Wintermeyer! Carl correctly answered Mt. Ararat, Turkey and Easter Island, Chile, in our last Where on Earth? contest. Carl wins $100 towards his next exciting ElderTreks adventure.

Our Where on Earth? contest is on break now and will be back in January 2010.

You're running out of time for the ElderTreks 2009 photo contest! All entries must be submitted by December 1st in order to be eligible for our great prizes. Once again you have the chance to win up to $1500 (towards your next ElderTreks adventure) just for submitting some of your best travel shots.

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