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October 2010

Argentina & Chile
Southern Africa
Southern Africa
Classic India
Southeast Asia
- new season = LOTS of departures! French Polynesia
- Oct 09
- Oct 30
- Nov 20
- Dec 14
- Oct 10
Antarctic - Emperor Penguin Safari
- Oct 13
- Oct 25
- Oct 18
- Oct 20
- Oct 23
- Oct 23
- Oct 27
Java and Bali
- Nov 1
- Nov 2
Bangkok to Kunming
- Nov 3
Classic India
- Nov 9
Classic Antarctica
- Nov 11
Camping with Emperor Penguins
- Nov 12
- Dec 4
- Dec 18
- Dec 17
Galapagos and Ecuador
- Dec 17
Galapagos and Ecuador
- Dec 18
- Dec 18
Costa Rica
- Dec 19

Guarantees and Discounts!

We have been getting such great feedback from our travelers who really love our Guaranteed Departures and needless to say, they also love it when they can save some money on their next great adventure with Eldertreks.

We now have 57 guaranteed departures. To view the full list of guaranteed trips, please click here: GUARANTEED DEPARTURES

You can also save hundreds of dollars and in some cases, up to a $1,000 per person off of one of our discounted trips. To view the full list of discounted trips, please click here: DISCOUNTED TRIPS

While the weather is getting chilly for those of us in the north, for our penguin friends in the south, spring is just beginning. If you have been dreaming about an adventure to see the penguins in Antarctica, this might just be the year. When you book one of the selected voyages listed below, the second person receives 50% off.

Akademik Ioffe - Crossing the Circle, Jan 26 - Feb 9, 2011
Sergey Vavilov - Antarctica Classic, Jan 1 - 12, 2011
Sergey Vavilov - Antarctica Classic, Jan 11 - 22, 2011
Sergey Vavilov - Crossing the Circle, Jan 21 - Feb 4, 2011

Argentina and Chile

Jan 30 - Feb 15, 2011 - Guaranteed departure

Stunning glaciers,turquoise lakes, extinct volcanoes, Zodiac adventures, wine tasting and tango lessons are just a few of the amazing highlights of this Patagonian adventure. This is a nature lover's delight for its dramatic scenery, and unique fauna. National parks, penguin rookeries, stunning Chilean Lakes and waterfalls are just a few highlights on this incredible adventure. Those looking for more thrills, can add an extension to Easter Islands or Iguazu Falls.


March 13 - April 3, 2010 SAVE $1000

Join ElderTreks in depth 22 day adventure to Peru - a true Andean paradise. Learn about the ancient Lord of Sipan, visit the temples of Chan Chan and journey by boat to the volcanic island of Ballestas, an incredible wildlife reserve. Enjoy a flight over the Nazca Lines and visit the floating islands on Lake Titicaca en route to Taquile Island, where we explore hilltop shrines and commune with the Taquile Indians. Travel by train to Machu Picchu, a phenomenal archeological site and only recently declared one of the Ancient Wonders of the World.

Splendors of Southern Africa

March 16 - April 9, 2011 - Guaranteed departure SAVE $1000

This amazing 25-day safari highlights the best of Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. Meet the fascinating Bushmen, climb the highest dunes in the world at Sossusvlei, enjoy the wildlife of Ethosha National Park, Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta. Elephants, lions, rhinos, and exotic birds comprise some of the fascinating wildlife we see. Our grand adventure is topped off with a visit to magnificent Victoria Falls, known as "The Smoke That Thunders."

Classic India

Nov 9 - 26, 2010 - Guaranteed departure SAVE $500
* Nov departure includes the Pushkar Camel Fair *
Jan 18 - Feb 4, 2011 SAVE $200

India is a land filled with exotic traditions, ancient cultures and magnificent sights. We begin in India's regal capital, New Delhi before traveling to Varanasi to witness the rituals of bathing, prayer and funerals on the Holy Ganges River. We board the train for Agra, home to the Taj Mahal, one of the most sublime structures ever built. Visit Ranthambhore National Park, one of India's most important tiger reserves. Throw in the color of Jaipur and Udaipur in Rajistan for a truly wonderful adventure. The November departure includes a visit to the Pushkar Camel Festival, one of India's greatest festivals.

Grand Southeast Asia

Jan 6 - Feb 6, 2011 - Guaranteed departure

ElderTreks Grand Southeast Asia Adventure offers the best of Thailand, Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. In Burma, see the opulent Shwedagon Pagoda before traveling to Mandalay and Pagan with it's 2000 ancient temples dotting the countryside. A two day Mekong River journey takes us to the remote regions of Laos until we reach Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Vietnam explore the warm turquoise waters of Halong Bay and walk the streets of Hoi An - a living museum. See the highlights of Saigon and the Cu Chi Tunnels and journey down the Mekong Delta to Phnom Penh. Finally, we visit the fantastic vast ruin sites of Angkor Wat and enjoy a performance of classical Cambodian dance.


Nov 2 - 22, 2010 - Guaranteed departure
Feb 23 - March 15, 2011 - Guaranteed departure

Rice paddies, sandy beaches, and mountains covered in tropical vegetation - Welcome to Vietnam! We explore the colonial architecture of Hanoi, and then head to the warm turquoise waters of Halong Bay. At Hue, the former ancient capital, we visit the Citadel and the local markets. Visit Hoi An, a restored open air museum before flying to Saigon, and seeing the Mekong Delta. Explore Dalat, the City of Flowers and enjoy a riverboat trip on the Tein River. Why not add an extension to Angkor Wat, to see the magnificent ruins?


Feb 8 - 23, 2011 - Guaranteed departure

Experience the ancient traditions of a welcoming culture. The traditions of Laos are the least changed of all the Southeast Asian countries and make it a mecca for those searching for a truly exotic adventure. Here you will find ancient temples, exquisite scenery, an eventful history and a delicious cuisine; all within the warm embrace of welcoming people.

ElderTreks 2010 Photo Contest

Just a reminder that we are down to the last few months of our annual photo contest. Right now the entries are, although great, few and far between. We need your photos! For our aspiring photographers, first prize is $1,500 credit towards a future ElderTreks trip, second prize is $500 and third prize is $250. Click here for more.

ElderTreks "Where on Earth?" Contest

Another difficult one last month. Lots of correct guesses for Prague, but answers were, quite literally, all over the map for the second image. Congratulations to Mike Hvizdos! Mike correctly answered Prague, Czech Republic and Ischigualasto National Park, Argentina in our last Where on Earth? contest. For his efforts Mike wins $100 towards his next exciting ElderTreks adventure.

Time for our new contest.As much as we love our Where on Earth? contest, we are currently putting it on hold. Focus is now on our yearly photo contest, and with the lack of current submissions we definitely need your help. Help!

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