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January 2011

South America
Central Asia
Photo Contest
- LOTS of departures!
- Jan 22
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- Mar 12
- Jan 12
East Africa
- Jan 17
Classic India
- Jan 18
Baja California - Among the Great Whales
- Jan 22
- Jan 29
- Feb 12
- Feb 26
- Mar 12
Costa Rica
- Jan 30
Cultural West Africa
- Feb 01
Southern India
- Feb 04
French Polynesia
- Feb 19
- Mar 1
- Mar 5
- Mar 6
- Mar 7
Treasures of South America
- Mar 14
Splendors of Southern Africa
- Mar 16
- Mar 19
Sri Lanka
- Mar 21

Happy New Year!

We at Eldertreks hope that you all had a great holiday and wish you the best for the coming year. In 2011 you can expect us to keep on providing you with exciting adventures around the world! Look for our much-anticipated Caucasus trip to be announced soon. As well we are pleased to present a new feature, coming this month to our web site - the Eldertreks travel blog called "Trek Talk" , where each month you will find interesting travel-related articles and advice forums that we hope will whet your appetite to explore this great world with us.

Make your 2011 New Year's resolution to be travel more often! In the meantime there is still plenty of time to join one of our trips below, many of which are guaranteed departures.


Mar 6 - 23, 2011- Paro Festival - Guaranteed departure with 3 spaces left.
Oct 15 - Nov 1, 2011

Bhutan is a land of friendly, devout Buddhists, mountain monasteries and snow capped Himalayan peaks. See the famous tea plantations of Darjeeling and meet a traditional Himalayan community in Sikkim before entering into Bhutan. Wander through markets, temples and monasteries in Thimpu and journey along the Duchola Pass with its stunning views of the Himalayas. The March departure also takes in the festival in Paro, where one can encounter Bhutan's gracious people during a time of festivities, parades, ceremonies and dance. Bhutan is the cultural explorer's Philosopher's Stone.

Hidden Treasures of South America

Mar 14 - Apr 4, 2011 - Guaranteed departure

Discover hidden treasures virtually unexplored by tourists in little-known regions of South America. Visit the fascinating indigenous cultures, sublime landscapes, and snow-capped peaks of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia. Drive over spectacular Andean passes and trek through remote gorges and valleys - home to estancias (ranches) which bring to life the romanticized images of hard working Gauchos - reminiscent of the Wild West of the mid 1800's. The bizarre and beautiful landscapes of the Atacama desert should be on every adventure travelers must-see-list!

The Stans of Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

Guaranteed Departures
May 05 - 29, 2011
Sep 29 - Oct 23, 2011

For thousands of years, lands were sought after and conquered by some of the world's great leaders. Today it is the world's greatest adventure seekers who are drawn to the exotic lands of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. These are lands filled with harsh deserts, towering snow capped peaks, ancient cities and fortresses with exotic cultures. Explore the markets, villages and historic cities which evoke images of caravans traveling across deserts and over mountains, linking the east with the west. Last year's exploratory trip was such a success that we have added it as a regular destination.


June 27 - July 13, 2011 - Train Date
July 1 - 17, 2011 - Guaranteed Departure

Landlocked between China and Russia, Mongolia holds the promise of an exotic culture rarely visited by travelers. The people are an eclectic mix of rugged nomads, Buddhist monks, farmers and merchants. The highlight for many is the famous Naadam Festival. Full of pomp, ceremony and jubilant Mongolians, this celebration is not to be missed. Experience the wonders of the Gobi Desert and the incredible national parks. Visit former royal palaces and museums; savor the sights and sounds of this unique country. This classic trip is a favorite at Eldertreks, so don't delay as it sells out quickly each year.


Guaranteed departures
Apr 11 - 28, 2011
Oct 7 - 24, 2011

Did you know that 80 percent of Madagascar's flora and fauna are found nowhere else on earth? With over 30 different species of lemurs, unusual plant life, a fascinating culture of 17 distinct tribes, plus strong Indo-Malay and French influences, Madagascar is an ideal destination for the adventure traveler.

Visit thermal baths, lush rainforests, tribal villages, secluded beaches and of course, incredible wildlife. See ringtail lemurs, sifakas, nocturnal lemurs and many of the other thirty-plus species of lemurs. Journey to seldom visited Madagascar for some of the world's most incredible scenery and wildlife!

ElderTreks 2010 Photo Contest

We are pleased to finally announce the winners of Eldertreks' 2010 Photo Contest. Congratulations to Jackie Black for her entry "Elephants, Africa at Sunset". Thanks to everybody who voted, Jackie came through as this years winner. For first prize Jackie wins $1500 towards a future ElderTreks trip.

Second Prize of $500 towards a future ElderTreks trip goes to Sally Morello for her entry "Pensive Warrior".

Our Third prize of $250 towards a future trip ended in a tie. Duane Feisel for his entry "Gelada Baboon - No Picture Fee" and, once again, Kieron Nelson managed to gain a winning spot with his entry, "Legong Dancer". Both will be receiving the $250 credit towards any future ElderTreks trip.

Please click here to view all winners.

A big congratulations to the winners and a thank you to all of those who entered and voted. It was another fantastic contest with some absolutely stunning travel photos. Stay tuned for our 2011 contest which will start up this spring.

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