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March 2013

Eastern Europe
Northern India
Papua New Guinea
The Caucasus
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What's new at ElderTreks this month?

It is not quite ‘March Madness', however we'd like to refer to it as ‘Spring Spectacular', as we present a collection of adventures that are sure to amaze. From the stunning landscapes of Eastern Europe to the mighty Himalayas we present a number of active trips to let you experience these wonderful destinations off the beaten track. Are festivals more your thing? Then look no further than the tribal festivals in Papua New Guinea or the tests of strength and agility at the Naadam Festival in Mongolia. Finally we offer the Caucasus. Part Europe, part Asia this region is exotic and different in a wonderful way. Introduced last year, it is one of ElderTrek's most popular trips and is selling out quickly!

Pinterest is one of the hottest trends in social media these days. It is a site that allows you to post pictures, notes, recipes or really anything of interest to share with others. ElderTreks has started a collection of boards on Pinterest to highlight our trips. It is still a work in progress but eventually all of our adventures will be added there for you to view photos and to get an idea of what each destination is all about.

Medieval Treasures of Eastern Europe

May 20 - Jun 3, 2013 - Guaranteed departure
Aug 05 - 19, 2013

Eastern Europe is a fascinating place with great history and culture, medieval towns, and picturesque off the beaten track landscapes. On this adventure we see the best of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Highlights include nine hikes through stunning landscapes, 7 Unesco World Heritage Sites, riches of cultural heritage, well preserved architectural monuments, and charming rural villages. Our active adventure begins in the cosmopolitan city of Prague and ends in Krakow, Poland's historical capital.

Northern India

Jun 03 - 23, 2013 - Guaranteed departure
Jun 22 - Jul 12, 2014

Northern India is a wonderful destination for adventurers interested in exploring the spirituality of this fascinating region. From the Golden Temple in Amritsar - one of the holiest Sikh shrines, continue to Dharamsala, synonymous with the Tibetan government in exile and the home of Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama. Experience a 3-night home stay in the Panj- La Valley, our base of exploration and tranquility offering breathtaking views and stupendous hiking opportunities. Visit colonial hill stations, local villages with ancient manuscripts, beautifully preserved 900 year old paintings and Tibetan Monasteries all set amidst the backdrop of the mighty Himalayan Mountains.


Sep 09 - 28, 2013
May 26 - Jun 14, 2014

Breathe the fresh air of coniferous forest in the land of Count Dracula. Hike in the Carpathian Mountains; sample the famous wines of Hungary and gaze upon magnificent frescoes. Our trip to Hungary and Romania is an artful blend of culture, exquisite scenery, history and activity. The adventure begins in the famed city of Budapest, the Pearl of the Danube. Widely regarded as one of the world's most beautiful cities, Budapest is a city of spas, 2,000 year-old Roman amphitheaters, 400 year-old Turkish baths, 23 museums and galleries, all situated on the graceful Danube. Sample the region's cuisine while sipping local wines in the ambience of a medieval castle. See the magnificent fortress-town of Sighisoara and walk through the grand square of Brasov. Onward through Transylvania, our destination is Bran Castle, a fortress atop a dramatic rock outcrop. The adventure concludes in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Join us while we explore Europe's last great wilderness, magnificent architecture and ancient European customs.

Papua New Guinea

Aug 08 - 28, 2013 - Save $500.00 per person!
   4 spaces left, Guaranteed departure
Aug 07 - 27, 2014 - Guaranteed departure

Papua New Guinea is culturally rich and geographically remote with some of the most stunning scenery anywhere and like no other place on earth. Meet and learn about the many tribal groups including the Asaro Mudmen, the Wangi, the Simbu, the Kaguel and the fascinating Trobriand Islanders. Come and celebrate during the Singsing Festival at Mt Hagen in August. The Singsing festival is filled with tribal displays of the song and dance from more than 80 tribes. Traditionally dressed in a colorful extravaganza that includes face and body paint, feathers and masks, as the tribal people perform with the rhythms of their drums.


Jun 03 - 19, 2013 - Guaranteed Departure - 6 spaces left!
Jul 02 - 18, 2014 - Guaranteed Departure

Landlocked between China and Russia, Mongolia holds the promise of an exotic culture rarely visited by travelers. The people are an eclectic mix of rugged nomads, Buddhist monks, farmers and merchants. The highlight for many is the famous Naadam Festival. Full of pomp, ceremony and jubilant Mongolians, this celebration is not to be missed. Experience the wonders of the Gobi Desert and the incredible national parks. Visit former royal palaces and museums; savor the sights and sounds of this unique country. This classic trip is a favorite at Eldertreks, so don't delay as it sells out quickly each year.

The Caucasus

Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia

Sep 21 - Oct 09, 2013 - Guaranteed departure
  6 spaces left!
May 22 - Jun 09, 2014 - Guaranteed departure
  6 spaces left!

Situated between Russia in the north and Iran and Turkey in the southwest lies the region best known as the Caucasus. Lying on the shores of the Caspian Sea is Baku, Azerbaijan one of the first oil cities of the world. Visit Georgia whose proud people and strong religion live in the shadow of the mighty Caucasus Mountains and continue on to Armenia, exploring cave monasteries and pilgrimage sites with the ever-present Mt Ararat looming on the horizon. The Caucasus is famous for its hospitality, sumptuous foods, fine wines and stunning mountain scenery. Join us on this fascinating journey into a lesser-known region of the world.

ElderTreks "Where on Earth?" Contest

Congratulations to Judy Kronmiller! Judy correctly answered Castillo de San Felipe, Guatemala and Maidens Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan in our last Where on Earth? contest. For her efforts Judy wins $100 towards her next exciting ElderTreks adventure.

Time for our new contest. Click the images to enlarge. If you enter the correct location of both photos your name will be entered for a chance to win $100 towards your next ElderTreks adventure. The winner will be chosen randomly from the list of correct entries and will be announced in our following eNewsletter. Good luck to all those who enter.

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