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When a Dangerous Country is NOT so Dangerous

Continuing from last months article regarding the recent trip to Egypt by ElderTreks president ( Why NOW may be the perfect time to travel to Egypt! ), we thought we'd revisit another country which continues to receive a bad image. An image gained through mass media which couldn't be further from the realities of the incredible warmth, friendliness and welcoming persona of the people.

"I have never, anywhere, encountered such friendly, sincere, helpful and warm people."
"The apprehension and uncertainty I felt before departure were quickly dispelled upon arrival. I felt completely safe throughout the trip."
"It was one of the real highlights of a life full of travel experiences."

(The following is an excerpt from an article by ElderTreks tour leader, David Roth)
Can you guess where in the world these comments from our past travelers are referring? China? Turkey? Perhaps Myanmar? Would you believe that they are comments from ElderTrekkers who recently visited Iran? Yes that same Islamic Republic of Iran; the one country that is always making news headlines for all the wrong reasons. Why would you go there when there are so many other safer places to visit you may ask yourself? “They treat women so poorly, they are all terrorists”. Have you ever asked those who tell you it is dangerous if they have ever been there? Chances are they have not and they have gleaned their information from various media outlets. They could not be more wrong. Iran is a safe and friendly country with so much to offer for those who are willing to go. It is precisely because no one goes there (or at least only small numbers of travelers versus other destinations) that add to its overall appeal.

"The trip feature I most liked was the genuine interest and tremendous friendliness of the Iranian people towards Americans."

The Iranian people are proud of their country and its rich history and welcome visitors with open arms. Having led many tours to Iran I enjoy watching the transformation take place with those in my groups. They arrive unsure and weary and within a matter of days are wandering through the markets sharing stories or perhaps a cup of tea with the local people and wondering how they ever questioned coming to such an amazing country. Wearing a scarf on your head becomes less onerous than one would expect, especially when each day brings a marvel of sights to savour and experience.

Our world is changing rapidly. One of the benefits to travelers who are willing to visit countries considered “off limits” means not only having the place to yourself (I rarely if ever encounter any other tourists) but sharing in the amazing experiences that travelling offers us as we interact with those in other parts of the world. It is an affirmation that we are not that different from one another and probably have more in common that we realize. Iran is an amazing country and one of my favourite destinations to visit.


Sep 12 - Oct 02, 2013 - Guaranteed departure
Apr 15 - May 05, 2014 - Guaranteed departure

Highlights from ElderTreks 21 day, Iran tour include:

  • Visit 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Visit the National Jewels Museum
  • Visit the ancient city of Persepolis
  • Stay in Yazd - Declared by UNESCO as the second most historic city in the world
  • Stroll over the famous bridges of Isfahan
  • See the largest ziggurat (pyramid) in Mesopotamia at Choqa Zanbil
  • Take a boat ride in Ali Sadr Cave

Splendors of Southern Africa

Save $500 on the following departures!
Sept 20 - Oct 14, 2013 - Guaranteed departure
Mar 14 - Apr 07, 2014 - Guaranteed departure

This amazing 25-day safari highlights the best of Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. Meet the fascinating Himba tribe and the Bushmen, climb the highest dunes in the world at Sossusvlei, enjoy the wildlife of Ethosha National Park, Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta. Elephants, lions, rhinos, and exotic birds comprise some of the fascinating wildlife we see. Our grand adventure is topped off with a visit to magnificent Victoria Falls, known as "The Smoke That Thunders".

Kingdoms of Southern Africa

Oct 22 - Nov 11, 2013
   6 spaces left, Guaranteed departure
Feb 18 - Mar 10, 2014

Superb game viewing, fascinating tribal cultures, stunning scenery and visits to four southern African countries make this journey a truly unique adventure. Learn about the Swazi, Zulu and Basotho tribes. Travel through South Africa, Mozambique, and the Kingdoms of Swaziland and Lesotho. Visit South Africa's most famous national parks teaming with wildlife and experience the incredible cultural diversity of the people who inhabit these areas.

Silk Road
Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, China

Aug 31 - Sep 23, 2013
  3 spaces left - Guaranteed departure
Apr 26 - May 19, 2014

Explore the ancient trading routes of Northern Pakistan, Northwestern China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Transport yourself back over one thousand years when the legendary Silk Road provided adventurers and traders with a route from the mystique and wealth of China to the developing countries of Europe. Join us and experience ancient cultures, incredible scenery, and rich traditions along the fabled Silk Road.

Patagonia Trekking

Nov 07 - 22, 2013 - Guaranteed departure
Jan 23 - Feb 7, 2014

Travel to the end of the world and experience the most stunning panoramas on earth - snow-capped peaks, arid plateaus, crashing glaciers and turquoise lakes. We begin in sophisticated Buenos Aires, before spending 3 days hiking in Fitzroy National Park. Explore Glacier National Park and spend a full day along the edge of Perito Moreno Glacier. Breathe the cleanest air in the world at Torres Del Paine National Park and take in the awesome granite spires of the Blue Towers. Join us as we travel through one of the planet's wildest spaces!

Aregentina and Chile (for non-hikers)

Jan 04 - 20, 2014 - Save $200
  Guaranteed departure

Patagonia is a nature lover's delight for its incredibly remote and beautiful scenery and unique fauna. Visit Los Glaciares National Park and cruise by boat along the Perito Moreno Glacier and cross into Chile to Torres del Paine National Park. Explore the Chilean Lakes region, discover Laguna Verde and see the vibrant green Petrohue Falls before flying to Santiago. Explore the sights of Santiago and enjoy wine tasting in the world-famous Maipo Valley to round out this amazing adventure


Nov 01 - Nov 21, 2013 - Guaranteed departure
Dec 17 - Jan 06, 2013/14 - Guaranteed departure
Feb 21 - Mar 13, 2014 - Guaranteed departure

Rice paddies, sandy beaches, and mountains covered in tropical vegetation - Welcome to Vietnam! We explore the colonial architecture of Hanoi, and then head to the warm turquoise waters of Halong Bay. At Hue, the former ancient capital, we visit the Citadel and the local markets. Visit Hoi An, a restored open air museum before flying to Saigon, and seeing the Mekong Delta. Explore Dalat, the City of Flowers and enjoy a riverboat trip on the Tein River. Why not add an extension to Angkor Wat, to see the magnificent ruins?

ElderTreks "Where on Earth?" Contest

Congratulations to Elaine Dodd! Elaine correctly answered the Temple of Hatshepsut and the Valley of the Whales, both in Egypt (and both featured in our Egypt article and in our Facebook gallery) in our last Where on Earth? contest. For her efforts Elaine wins $100 towards her next exciting ElderTreks adventure.

Time for our new contest. Two locations that will be included in one of our upcoming, new tours! Click the images to enlarge. If you enter the correct location of both photos your name will be entered for a chance to win $100 towards your next ElderTreks adventure. The winner will be chosen randomly from the list of correct entries and will be announced in our following eNewsletter. Good luck to all those who enter.

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