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French Polynesia
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Heli-Hiking in the Canadian Rockies
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Queen Charlotte Islands
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Lost World of the Mayans
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Colombia is Back!

ElderTreks' 21 day adventure includes hidden colonial towns and traditional markets of the Andes, Bogota's superb Gold Museum and stay at a coffee plantation. Hike in Tayrona N.P. and the Cocora valley, explore hundreds of mysterious, ancient statues of San Agustin and search for birds, caiman, sloths, monkeys and pink dolphins in the Amazon. No visit would be complete without enjoying the colonial marvel of Cartagena, arguably the most beautiful colonial town in the Americas. Share in Colombia's ancient and colonial heritage, its abundant natural beauty and a sincere warmth that makes everyone feel genuinely welcome.

After a very dark period, Colombia is ready to extend a warm welcome to Adventure Seekers. ElderTreks' President Gary Murtagh explored the beauty of Colombia 18 months ago and Trip Specialst Diane Reid was there just 9 months ago. Feel free to speak with Diane about her experience in Colombia. Be among the first wave and experience Colombia before larger crowds of tourists descent upon this South American gem.


Mar 02 - 22, 2014 - Guaranteed departure
Sep 07 - 27, 2014

Highlights from ElderTreks 21 day, Colombia tour include:

  • Explore Cartagena - arguably the most beautiful colonial city in the Americas
  • Visit the gold museum in Bogota
  • Explore the Amazon in both Brazil and Colombia
  • Visit a tradtional 'colourful' Andean market
  • Learn about coffee producing while staying at a coffee plantation
  • See the colonial gems of Villa de Leyva, Popoyan and Barichara
  • Relax or hike in Tayrona National Park
  • Explore the ancient stone statues of San Agustin


Dec 11 - 28, 2013
Jan 08 - 25, 2014 - Sold Out!
Jan 29 - Feb 15, 2014
Feb 19 - Mar 08, 2014
Mar 12 - 29, 2014

Join us as we visit this delightful country inhabited by some of the friendliest people on earth. Burma is a vibrant tapestry of culture, history and geography. A mosaic of ethnic groups, graceful Buddhist monasteries, ancient pagodas and the gently flowing Irrawaddy River welcome travelers to this exotic country. Bordering Thailand, Laos, India and China, Burma is at the cultural crossroads of Southeast Asia. Our extensive 18-day itinerary has been designed to explore this country's extraordinary cultural, historical and geographical treasures to the fullest.


Nov 24 - Dec 09, 2013 - Guaranteed Departure
Feb 08 - Feb 23, 2014

Experience the ancient traditions of a welcoming culture. The traditions of Laos are the least changed of all the Southeast Asian countries and make it a mecca for those searching for a truly exotic adventure. Here you will find ancient temples, exquisite scenery, an eventful history and a delicious cuisine; all within the warm embrace of welcoming people.

Voodoo: The Spirits of West Africa

Nov 15 - Dec 06, 2013 - Guaranteed departure
Nov 14 - Dec 05, 2014 - Guaranteed departure

Calling the truly adventurous!! This is probably ElderTreks’ most off the beaten track trip - journey to Niger, Benin, Togo and Ghana - the birthplace of Voodoo. Travel to another place and time on this 22-day adventure and learn about the mysterious beliefs from fetish markets, temples, ceremonies and encounters with Voodoo followers and priests. Journey in search of the last wild giraffes in West Africa, visit historic slave castles, encounter tribal villages, and explore local markets for a truly remote and adventurous journey in West Africa.


Sep 16 - Oct 8, 2013
  1 space left: Guaranteed departure
Jan 03 - 25, 2014 - Guaranteed Departure
Jan 15 - Feb 06, 2014
  1 space left: Guaranteed departure
Sep 16 - Oct 08, 2014 - Guaranteed Departure

Few places offer such a myriad of experiences for the traveler as Ethiopia. Much of the fascination of this country lies in its many historical sites. Ethiopia has nine national parks, protecting many of its endemic species. The ancient tribal culture compliments the unique history and nature of Ethiopia. Experience tribal cultures such as the Hamer, the Mursi and the Dorze whose traditional lifestyle is a stark contrast to our modern life.


Oct 30 - Nov 15, 2013 - Guaranteed departure
Oct 29 - Nov 14, 2014

The lost world of Venezuela is a destination offering amazing variety. From the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, abundant wildlife in the Llanos, a beautiful coastline, lush jungle, indigenous tribes, interesting colonial history and friendly South American hospitality. Venezuela’s greatest natural attraction is the world’s highest waterfall, magnificent Angel Falls, which you will experience by foot, by boat and with a scenic flight. Not only is Venezuela one of South America’s undiscovered travel gems, this trip is truly one of ElderTrek’s most epic adventures.

ElderTreks "Where on Earth?" Contest

Congratulations to Stanley Gorcik! Stanley correctly answered the Uspenski Cathedral of Pechersk Monastery, Kiev, Ukraine and the Wieliczka Salt Mines, Poland in our last Where on Earth? contest. For his efforts Stanley wins $100 towards his next exciting ElderTreks adventure.

Time for our new contest. Click the images to enlarge. If you enter the correct location of both photos your name will be entered for a chance to win $100 towards your next ElderTreks adventure. The winner will be chosen randomly from the list of correct entries and will be announced in our following eNewsletter. Good luck to all those who enter.

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