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As travelers we understand the transformative effect that visiting other countries and other cultures has on us. But at ElderTreks, we believe this works both ways, and that it is our responsibility to look for opportunities where we can give back to the places that give us all so much.

Two years ago we told you about a remarkable young Canadian woman, Carli Travers, and her efforts to help orphans in Uganda.

Her story is one of generosity and love, and how at a truly grassroots level, she is making a huge difference in the lives of forgotten, discarded or abused children. At an age when many young people are not even thinking of starting a family, she and her Ugandan husband Robert had already adopted 6 of these unloved street children to raise as their own. Six soon became seventeen, and the challenges they faced grew as well. Carli’s story stole our hearts the same way the children had stolen hers, and in 2012 ElderTreks helped Carli and Robert construct the main building that would house this large and expanding family.

So much has happened since then that it seems long overdue for an update. Read more

Gers, the Gobi Desert and More

The novelty of sleeping in yurts has become a new trend in adventurous accommodation from Algonquin Park in Canada to Tennessee Pass in Colorado. But there’s no substitute for the real thing, and our trek to Mongolia will deliver an authentic experience like no other, including overnighting in traditional ‘gers’ in the Gobi desert. And that’s only the beginning…
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Turkey’s Cultural Crossroads

East meets west in this legendary country, where for thousands of years cultures and conquerors laid claim to this land, influencing its language, art, architecture and cuisine. Both our Eastern Turkey and our Classic Turkey tours begin at the capital, known throughout history by many names (Byzantium, Constantinople or Istanbul being only a few). From there, your journey will take you back in time.
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French Polynesia
- Apr 05, 26, May 17
- weekly departures!
- Apr 12, May 10, Jun 07
- Mar 27
- Apr 01
Classic Turkey
- Apr 07
- Apr 08
- Apr 10
- Apr 11
Costa Rica
- Apr 11
Lost World of the Mayans
- Apr 22
- Apr 26
Ancient Greece
- May 01
Kenya & Tanzania
- May 10
Queen Charlotte Islands
- May 11, 19, 28, Jun 05
Medieval Treasures of Eastern Europe
- May 12
- May 26
- Jun 01, 08
Circumnavigation of Newfoundland
- Jun 02

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