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If someone were to make a list of the most exotic places on the planet, Papua New Guinea would probably be in the top ten. And justifiably so, not just because it conjures up images of primitive cultures and rugged, tropical landscapes, but because few people could probably locate it on a map!

The reality is that Papua New Guinea (situated 1400+ miles northeast of Australia) is as geographically and culturally diverse as anyone could imagine for a country barely the size of California. The tribes who have lived here for tens of thousands of years – some of which were only ‘discovered' in the 1960s because of the impassable interior of the country – speak over 800 languages, with almost as many unique cultural and social traditions.

And there is no better place to see many of these than at two of the country's most significant and spectacular local festivals: the Mount Hagen and Goroka sing-sings.
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Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe: If you've been on safari, and think that once you've seen one lion, you've seen them all, think again. Africa has so much to offer that it's impossible to experience it all in just one trip, although if anything comes close to giving you that opportunity, it is our 25-day Splendors of Southern Africa adventure. But don't just take our word for it, take it from one of our guests:

"We really experienced Africa, we didn't just tour it. Everything added up to an in-depth look at Africa – its people, its sights, its history and its animals. This was so much more than just a safari. The luxury hotels were beautiful, and the campsites were amazing. Also, I love that ElderTreks trips show so much respect for the people and traditions of the country we visit. Thank you for a great trip!" Diane S, March 2013

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Say "Ni hao" (Hello) to China

If China is calling to you in this, the Year of the Horse, you’ll want to practice saying "Ni hao" – Hello to all the wonders that this ancient culture has to offer the traveller, and hello to its diverse and welcoming people. And with your choice of these two tours, you won’t want to say "Zai Jian" (goodbye) anytime soon!

Classic China takes you on a route that covers all of the must-see sites including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the famous Terra Cotta Warriors. You’ll also get to cruise the beautiful Yangtze River gorges, and visit the modern city of Shanghai.

If going a little deeper into the land and its people is more your style, then our Yunnan adventure is perfect: starting in Kunming, and finishing in Chengdu, on this trip you will encounter tribal people and places that are as varied as the spectacular geography they call home.

China or Yunnan: you decide!

Join our online community and you’ll see photos like these wax palm trees, the tallest species of palm in the world - growing in Colombia’s Cocora Valley. Plus plenty of other interesting travel tidbits.

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French Polynesia
- Apr 26, May 17, Jun 07, 28
- weekly departures!
- May 10, Jun 07
Lost World of the Mayans
- Apr 22
- Apr 26
Ancient Greece
- May 01
Kenya & Tanzania
- May 10
Queen Charlotte Islands
- May 11, 19, 28, Jun 05, 13, 21, 30, Jul 07
Medieval Treasures of Eastern Europe
- May 12
- May 26
- Jun 01, 08, 15, 22, 29, Jul 06
Circumnavigation of Newfoundland
- Jun 02
The Caucasus
- May 10
Northern India
- Jun 22
North Pole
- Jun 30

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