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New Adventures for 2018

We are working hard to finalize the details for our new adventures. If you would like information sent to you once our trips are complete, please call to put you name on a list to get this information so that you are one of the first to receive it.
  • Tigers, Temples & Lions
  • Japan
  • Eastern Cuba
  • Havana - 7 days
  • Azores
  • Hiking in the UK
  • Tanzania
  • Nicarauga

ElderTreks' CEO Gary Murtagh will be doing a survey trip for ' Hiking in the UK' From Aug 12 - 23 and he will be sharing some of his experiences on ElderTreks' FaceBook page while he is there. We hope that ,any of you can enjoy this trip in the future but in the meantime, we hope you can at least enjoy the posts/photos!

Ethiopia - New Timket Festival departure - Jan 11 - Feb 2, 2018

Few places offer such a myriad of experiences for the traveler as Ethiopia. Much of the fascination of this country lies in its many historical sites. The ancient tribal culture compliments the unique history and nature of Ethiopia. Experience tribal cultures such as the Hamer, the Mursi and the Dorze whose traditional lifestyle is a stark contrast to our modern life. Read more here.

Classic India - Oct 16 - Nov 56, 2017 (3 spaces left)

Few countries can match the splendor of India, an ancient culture imbued with exotic traditions. A beautiful land of world-class sites, both natural and man-made, awaits you. From the plains to the rugged Himalayas, India is one of the world's great travel destinations. Our program highlights the famous sites of the north as well as lesser-known, but equally fascinating sites such as Ranthambore National Park. Read more here.

Kingdoms of Southern Africa - KSA Oct 5 - 29, 2017 (4 spaces left)

Superb game viewing, fascinating tribal cultures, stunning scenery and visits to three southern African countries make this journey a truly unique adventure. Learn about the Swazi, Zulu and Basotho tribes. Travel through South Africa and the Kingdoms of Swaziland and Lesotho. Enjoy South Africa's most famous national parks teaming with wildlife. Read more here.


Known to the Arabs as al-Maghreb al-Aqsa, or the farthest land of the setting sun, Morocco stands at the western edge of the Arab and Muslim world. Separated from Europe by just nine miles at the Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco is both a crossroads and a frontier state, as it has been since the 11th century. Learn more.


Discover breathtaking Machu Picchu, relax in the tranquillity of Taquile Island on Lake Titicaca and discover wildlife in the dense Amazonian jungle. From the Andes to the Amazon, experience diverse culture, rugged geography and rich history on this 20-day journey through Peru and Bolivia. Learn more.


French Polynesia
- Aug 24, Sep 12, 30, Oct 19
Heli-hiking Canadian Rockies
- Aug 20, 23, 26
Alaska Sailing
- Aug 19, 26, Sep 02,
Albania, Macedonia & Bulgaria
- Sep 02
Chinese Silk Road
- Sep 04
Classic China
- Sep 08
- Sep 16
Peru Cultural Journey
- Sep 16
Splendors of Southern Africa
- Sep 18
- Sep 20
Ancient Greece
- Sep 21
- Sep 21
Greenland & Wild Labrador
- Sep 23
- Sep 24
Adriatic Adventure
- Sep 26
Malawi, Zambia & Zimbabwe
- Sep 27
Polar Bears of Churchill
- Sep 27, Oct 09, 17, 20
Kingdoms of Southern Africa
- Oct 05
- Oct 08
- Oct 09
- Oct 11
Classic India
- Oct 16
- Oct 16
Lost World of the Mayans
- Oct 17
- Oct 21

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