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ElderTreks 2018 Photo Contest

ElderTreks wants you to share all the amazing travel moments you have captured through photography and to give you the opportunity to win great adventure travel prizes!

We are searching for interesting and captivating images of high quality and excellent resolution. Please remember that when submitting an entry that our trips are about exploring fascinating places, experiencing exotic cultures and encountering rare and often endangered wildlife. Your photos must be from an ElderTreks destination. We travel to every continent and to over 100 countries.

Submit up to 5 photos here for your chance to win up to $1500 towards an ElderTreks tour. The contest ends on February 14th, so get your photos in as soon as possible.

First Place - $1500*
Second Place - $500*
Third Place - $250*

*Prizes are tour credits for future new bookings on ElderTreks exclusive trips.

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ElderTreks has 3 superb itineraries to this unique tropical island. To join or learn more, please click on one of our trips below:

Is Cuba Safe?

In response to the new US travel warning, and the lack of clarity surrounding it, ElderTreks' CEO Gary Murtagh called the US Embassy in Havana to simply ask the question: "Is Cuba safe?"

Their response, "One should always be aware of pickpockets, but Cuba is absolutely safe... I guarantee it!"

Having travelled to Cuba himself 5 times in the past 2 years, most recently last week, this confirms what Gary already knew. Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world to travel to. Period!

Is it Legal to Travel to Cuba (for U.S. Citizens)?

You must meet one of the requirements or categories laid out by OFAC for travel to Cuba. One of these categories is "Support for the Cuban People". ElderTreks' Cuba trips are most definitely designed to meet this requirement. Call our office for more on this (800-741-7956).

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Medieval Treasures of Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland

Eastern Europe is a fascinating place with great history and culture, lovely little medieval towns, picturesque landscapes and hospitable people. On our adventure, we see the best of three old European countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland; including 8 prominent UNESCO sites boasting riches of cultural heritage and well-preserved architectural monuments. There are, however, many hidden gems in this region yet to be discovered by crowds of tourists, and it is this variety that makes our adventure so special. Read more

Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe: Splendors of Southern Africa

Encounter the magic of Southern Africa - superb safaris, massive sand dunes, fascinating tribes, vast deltas and thundering waterfalls. The countries of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe offer incredible diversity and adventure. Read more

Vietnam: The Changing Face of Southeast Asia

Rice paddies tended by farmers in conical hats, a two-thousand mile coastline with sandy beaches and mountains covered in the vibrant greens of lush tropical vegetation. Welcome to Vietnam, one of Southeast Asia's most beautiful countries. Read more

The Baltics

Three neighboring countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - known as the Baltics, share a common history and seacoast but are all unique. All three Baltic capitals have UNESCO designations. Lithuania's castle on an island, Latvia's guild houses, Estonia's well-preserved medieval Old Town, sand dunes on the Curonian Spit, national parks, and Estonian islands in the Baltic Sea are just a sample of what to expect on our Baltic adventure.
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French Polynesia
- Feb 01, Feb 20, Mar 10, Mar 29
New Zealand
- Feb 01
Thailand & Cambodia
- Feb 01
Myanmar (Burma)
- Feb 02
Baja California
- Feb 10, Feb 24, Mar 03, Mar 10
Classic Cuba
- Feb 13, Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 20, Apr 3
Eastern Cuba
- Jan 30, Mar 20
- Feb 17
Absolute Havana
- Mar 11
Antarctic Classic
- Feb 11, Feb 19, Feb 21
Java & Bali
- Feb 20
- Feb 20
Peru Cultural Journey
- Mar 05, Apr 02
- Mar 12
Namibia, Botswana, & Zimbabwe
- Mar 13
Tigers, Temples & Lions of India
- Mar 13

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