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Known to the Arabs as al-Maghreb al-Aqsa, or the farthest land of the setting sun, Morocco stands at the western edge of the Arab and Muslim world. Separated from Europe by just nine miles at the Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco is both a crossroads and a frontier state, as it has been since the 11th century, when it became the gateway for Islam's most successful advance upon Western Europe.
Read more about our 18 day Morocco adventure.


Grasslands extend to a horizon of cobalt-blue skies, pastel-hued rocks color the Gobi Desert and fast-flowing rivers cut deep canyons in arid steppes in this remote Asian nation land-locked between China and Russia. The people, descendants of Genghis Khan, are an eclectic mix of rugged nomads, Buddhist monks, farmers and merchants. For the truly adventurous, Mongolia holds the promise of an exotic culture rarely visited by travelers.
17 days in Mongolia, read more here.

Peru & Bolivia

Discover breathtaking Machu Picchu, relax in the tranquillity of Taquile Island on Lake Titicaca and discover wildlife in the dense Amazonian jungle. From the Andes to the Amazon, experience diverse culture, rugged geography and rich history on this 20-day journey through Peru and Bolivia.
Check out the full itinerary of our epic Peru and Bolivia tour.

Iceland - HOT!!

One of ElderTreks most popular tours has recently been featured in a three part series in International Travel News. Read more about Randy Keck's experience on this 11 day adventure.

"To be certain, I had expected to encounter appealing landscapes on my June 2016 journey in a European island nation where, in a banishing of darkness at the height of summer, the sun never really sets.

While we, indeed, were truly engulfed in natural beauty throughout our journey, the main appeal of our itinerary was the unique, varied and, often, dramatic experiences we had each day."


From StrideTravel.com: Cuba is a hot spot for all travelers now and many companies are quickly trying to put together trips to satisfy the demand. However, ElderTreks, which specializes in crafting trips for older travelers, has been running this trip for 20 years. The itinerary, tour guides, and experiences are all top notch Their extensive experience means they have many connections in Cuba to help make your trip comfortable and seamless.


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