Iran: A Passenger Review - Perspective vs. Reality

We often get praise from our clients regarding our tours, tour leaders, office staff and all other aspects of ElderTreks. Obviously we love to hear it! Besides our testimonials on our trip pages and tour leader page, we also wish to start featuring some of these reviews with our readers and fellow travelers.

Mr. Huyke was lucky enough to join us on our Iran tour in the spring of 2012. He had such positive and kind words to say that we couldn't resist sharing them.

Tour Leader

I thought Gülin Pazaroglu was the ultimate one-of-a-kind Tour Leader.  But little did I know that Fatima Nejadveisi would challenge that statement.  Fatima is certainly Gülin's equal.  What a remarkable individual!  She is not only a living encyclopedia of everything Iranian, but also a consummate professional who is passionate about her job.  The eight travelers in our group benefitted from her endless compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity.  She cared about everyone of us.  Fatima is the rare no-nonsense individual who can lead the must difficult group with ease and confidence.  I admired her contagious enthusiasm and good sense of humor.  Her boundless knowledge and experience was evident throughout this well planned 21-day excursion.  I am personally grateful to Fatima for helping me to discover the magic of Iran and for collecting memories that will last a lifetime. BRAVA FATIMA!

Fatima was my third consecutive female Tour Leader.  I was very impressed by all three: Gülin Pazaroglu (Classical Turkey), Aida Eren (Eastern Turkey), and Fatima Nejadvesei (Iran).  On balance, they were superior to their male counterparts.  This is because all three were compassionate and caring.  Perhaps ElderTreks should consider supplementing its roster of Tour Leaders by hiring additional females.

Bus Driver

Mehran Asadi, the bus driver throughout the excursion, is simply a terrific individual and an exceptional driver.  In addition to being helpful, kind, and friendly, he spoke a reasonable amount of English.  ElderTreks should continue to use his services whenever possible.

Tour Co-ordinator

Accolades are also due to (1) Bob Perry who did a terrific job in coordinating this memorable excursion to Iran, and (2) David Roth, who booked my trip and answered all my questions.

Accommodations and Meals

On balance, accommodations ranged from excellent (Laleh International Hotel in Tehran and Yazd, Fajr Hotel in Ahwaz, Pars International Hotel in Shiraz, and the Abasi Hotel in Isfahan) to good.

Meals were excellent and varied.  Fatima made sure we had a taste of every salient morsel in the Iranian cuisine.

Iranian Security

The apprehension and uncertainty I felt before departure were quickly dispelled upon arrival in Iran.  I felt completely safe throughout the trip.  Prospective travelers to Iran with security concerns should contact me. I will be happy to answer any question they may have about security in Iran.

Thanks to Fatima, this tour was an excellent experience -- with zero downtime -- from beginning to end.  If I had to numerically rate this experience from 1 to 10, I would happily rate it a 10.

Kembell Huyke

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