Venezuela - Journey to Angel Falls

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• Travel to Venezuela's Andes Mountains
• Spectacular wildlife viewing on the Llanos grasslands
• Search for wildlife in the Orinoco Delta
• Visit Pemon villages
• Explore Canaima Lagoon
• Witness the spectacular beauty of Angel Falls by scenic flight, on foot and by river boat

Fact File

• 17 land days
• Maximum 16 travelers
• Start and finish in Caracas, Venezuela
• All meals included
• Includes 7 internal flights
• Activity Level: 3-5


The lost world of Venezuela is a destination with snow-capped peaks of the Andes, abundant wildlife in the Llanos, beautiful coastline, lush jungle, indigenous tribes, interesting colonial history and friendly South American hospitality. Venezuela's greatest natural attraction is the world's highest waterfall, magnificent Angel Falls. Not only is Venezuela one of South America's undiscovered travel gems, but a must see destination for adventure travelers.

From the capital of Caracas, we fly to Merida, which boasts typical Andean culture and scenery, and is situated high in the mountains. The snow-covered peaks of the Andes create the perfect backdrop to the wildlife rich plains of the Llanos.

We will encounter indigenous tribes, including the Pemon Indians of Canaima and also the Warao or "Canoe People" of the Orinoco Delta. The Delta is an intricate labyrinth of waterways weaving through the jungle and supports extremely rich and varied wildlife including jaguar, puma, ocelot, red howler and capuchin monkeys, capybara, giant otters, manatee and pink dolphins and anacondas as well as extensive birdlife.

We cap off our trip with a visit to the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls, situated in the vast, pristine jungles of Canaima National Park, which feature a unique geological feature known as "Tepuis" or table-top Mountains. We see many of the parks spectacular waterfalls and rivers which beautifully carve and shape the stunning landscape of Canaima. We will enjoy these beautiful surroundings during our scenic flight and a 3 hour boat journey through Canaima's jungle enroute to Angel Falls. We overnight on the river which offers the opportunity to see the breathtaking view of sunset and sunrise on Angel Falls.

Unlike many operators, ElderTreks provides various opportunities to see Angel Falls including a scenic flight, on foot and by locally-made canoes. At almost 1 kilometer high, the sheer size and height of the falls cannot be expressed in mere words or through photos and must truly be seen up close to be fully appreciated.

From the world's highest waterfall, to the peaks of the Andes Mountains, the lush jungles, indigenous tribes and abundant wildlife make this journey nothing short of an absolutely epic adventure.

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Comfortable hotels/lodges with private bathrooms. Features 1 night camping at Angel Falls with shared facilities.

Comfort notes

Some rough roads, long travel days and some challenging hikes. note: The hikes in Uruyen, Kavak and to Angel Falls are optional and raises the Activity Level from a 3 to a 5.

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Caracas
Day 2: Caracas
Day 3: Fly to Merida
Day 4: Merida Sights, to Santo Domingo
Day 5: Descend from the Andes to Hato Cedral
Day 6: Hato Cedral
Day 7: Hato Cedral to Caracas
Day 8: Caracas to the Orinoco Delta
Day 9: Orinoco Delta
Day 10: To Ciudad Bolivar
Day 11: Uruyen Lodge
Day 12: Kavak
Day 13: Canaima - Sapo and Hacha Falls; Angel Falls Flight
Day 14: Angel Falls
Day 15: Ciudad Bolivar
Day 16: Ciudad Bolivar to Caracas
Day 17: Departure from Caracas
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