The Caucasus

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• Explore the medieval town of Baku
• Visit 6000-year old Stone and Iron Age petroglyphs
• Visit the wine region of Georgia
• Travel along the famed Georgian Military Highway to the Caucasus Mountains
• Explore the sites Tbilisi & Yerevan & enjoy delicious cuisine and wine!
• See Lake Sevan in Armenia
• Explore the cave monastery of Vardzia
• Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Geghard and Echmiadzin
• Visit Khor Virap monastery with stunning views of Mt Ararat.

Fact File

• 20 days
• Maximum 16 travelers
• Start in Baku, Azerbaijan and finish in Yerevan, Armenia
• All meals included
• Activity Level: 2 - 3


Situated between Russia in the north and Iran and Turkey in the southwest, lies the region best known as the Caucasus. Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia were all former Soviet Republics, each with their own rich and unique history, language and culture.

We begin our journey in Baku, Azerbaijan, one of the first oil cities of the world. The architectural marvel of Heyday Aliyev serves as an aspirational platform for an optimistic future. Along the Caspian coast is Gobustan (UNESCO) where over 4000 Stone and Iron Age petroglyphs have been discovered in the hill caves above town.

Continuing into the mountains we enter Georgia and get our first taste of their renowned wines in the Kakheti region. Later continue to the beautiful capital of Tbilisi. Heading north we travel the famed Georgian Military Highway to the Caucasus Mountains. Everywhere we turn we see evidence of Georgian pride and religion in their majestic churches.

Crossing into Armenia we stop at Lake Sevan, one of the highest fresh water lakes in the world. We will use the capital, Yerevan as our base to explore the Armenian countryside as we visit cave monasteries, churches and pilgrimage sites, with holy Mt. Ararat our constant companion. We also visit the 7,500 year old astrological site of Karahunj (3,500 yrs older than Stonehenge), and the ancient cave dwellings of Khndzoresk.

The Caucasus is famous for its hospitality, sumptuous foods, fine wines and stunning mountain scenery. Join us on this fascinating journey into a lesser-known region of the world.

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Comfortable accommodations with private bathrooms.

Comfort notes

Some rough roads, long drives.

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Baku
Day 2: Baku - Old Town, Shirvan Shah's Palace
Day 3: Gobustan
Day 4: Baku to Shemakha, Lahij and Sheki
Day 5: Sheki
Day 6: Sheki to Telavi, Georgia
Day 7: Telavi to David Gareja, to Tbilisi
Day 8: Tbilisi
Day 9: Tbilisi to Gudauri
Day 10: Georgia Pass - Gudauri
Day 11: To Borjomi via Gori
Day 12: To Vardzia
Day 13: Vardzia to Tbilisi
Day 14: To Haghpat, Lake Sevan, Armenia
Day 15: To Sevan Monastery, Selim Pass, Tatev, Goris
Day 16: To Khndzoresk, Karahunj, Noravank, Yerevan
Day 17: To Geghard, Garni, Yerevan
Day 18: Yerevan
Day 19: Trip to Khor Virap Monastery, Echmiadzin
Day 20: Depart Yerevan
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