Hiking in the the Carpathians

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• Visit medieval Krakow, Lviv Bardejoy (all UNESCO) and Kiev
• Encounter friendly villagers & remote wilderness on 7 hikes in the remote Carpathian mountains
• Find remnants of the Soviet Era including the architecture, cars & a Soviet ‘scenic train’ journey.
• Visit Chernobyl’s abandoned villages/cities overgrown with forests, reactor #4 (meltdown site), to top secret radar sites, the pinnacle of Soviet Spy technology and defence.
• Explore Dukla Pass with WWII tanks scattered over rural farms.
• Visit Oskar Schindler's factory
• Explore Wieliczka (UNESCO) Salt Mines

Fact File

• Start in Krakow, Poland; Finish in Kiev, Ukraine
• Activity Level: 3/4


Journey to remote villages and mountains in a classic hiking trip, starting in the old Polish capital of Krakow. Ancient capitals, rural villages, stunning mountain ranges, lakes and rivers, museums, UNESCO churches and monasteries are some of the highlights you will encounter on this 17 day adventure to Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.

One of the highlights of your journey will be the welcoming smiles of villagers as we stop in for lunch at a local home on one of our walks. Our hikes and travels take us off the beaten path where our local encounters are genuine and spontaneous.

We visit Oskar Schindler's factory, Wieliczka Salt Mines (UNESCO), a Carpathian horse farm, nature parks, castles, war memorials, opera house/ballet, schools and the world’s largest Jewish cemetery and much more.

We have the opportunity to visit Chernobyl, where we can learn more about the events of 1986 in a safe and informative setting.

Our Carpathian's experience includes a fast train from Lviv (UNESCO) with its medieval town, to Kiev, Ukraine's capital, steeped in 1,500 years of history.

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Comfortable hotels with private washrooms. Please note: some remote hotels/lodges in Western Ukraine/Carpthians are not accustomed to Westerners. They speak limited English but accommodations are clean, comfortable and charming.

Comfort notes

Several long walks.

Itinerary - detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Krakow, Poland
Day 2: Krakow Sightseeing and Oskar Schindler's Factory
Day 3: Salt Mines of Wieliczka, WW1 Cemetery, Rural Hike
Day 4: Hucul Horses, Carriage Ride, Forest Hike into Slovakia, Medieval Bardejov (UNESCO), Return to Poland
Day 5: To Uzok, Ukraine via Slovakia’s Dukla Pass
Day 6: Uzgorod
Day 7: Uzhok Pass Hike, Scenic Soviet Train Ride
Day 8: Ukrainian Carpathian Scenic Hike & Villages
Day 9: Synevyr Pass
Day 10: Synevyr Polana Village
Day 11: Synevyr Pass Hike, Soviet City of Mizhiria
Day 12: To Lviv, Opera or Symphony
Day 13: Lviv (UNESCO)
Day 14: Train to Kiev
Day 15: Chernobyl
Day 16: Explore Kiev
Day 17: Depart Kiev
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