Mongolia - Grasslands, Nomads and the Gobi

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"The guides were super – brilliant trip. Best so far! Loved it all "
S. Sartain


"Thank you again for getting me to Mongolia. I doubt any other tour office could have done it! It was such a trip. Words cannot describe it. Each day was wonderful, different, beautiful and exciting. I most certainly will travel with ElderTreks again and will rave about it to friends. "
P. Shatzman


"ElderTreks has such a variety of adventure destinations and I have been impressed with both my trips, Tibet & Mongolia. "
J. Cain


"Everything met expectations and more. "
W. Chang


"I have just returned from your Mongolia trip. Aside from your wonderful guides, Roger and Tsengel (the local guide), I was most impressed with the tremendous work our tour is helping to fund at the Lotus Centre with orphaned and unwanted children. Not only does the Centre function as a family but the staff clearly provide the love and care that children need to become healthy human beings. I salute you for supporting such a noble project."
Klara Szocs


"It was a fascinating experience - Eldertreks gave everything that they promised and more. I hope to take another trip with them."
A. Wood


"I cannot think of any aspect of this trip that was not satisfying. I’ve lived and worked abroad most of my career, so I was not new to travel, though this was my first experience with an organized tour - the most I could say is that I could not have done this myself! Eldertrek’s tireless work contributed to an excellent experience. "
E. Petras


"The accommodations in the ger camps were quite comfortable. The food at the ger camps was better than I expected. I especially liked the salads with fresh vegetables with every lunch and dinner."
Mrs Fraser


"This was my first trip with ElderTreks and I am happy I did it and certainly add them to my favorite travel co."
Yona Davis


"I liked the visits to the various villages and learning about the life of the nomads. The scenery (mountains, steppes to desert) was breath-taking. The Naadam Festival pointed out the nationalism that pervades Mongolia. It is nice to see. Mongols love their beautiful children with fathers being active partners in child-rearing. That was heart warming to witness."
Eva Childs


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