Classic India - Wildlife and Ancient Sites

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"This trip was about as close to perfect as trips go. "
L. Snipes


"Excellent trip. I can’t pick out one thing I enjoyed most – I enjoyed everything, the total experience. No suggestions. This was an outstanding trip. "
J. Jones


"Without a doubt the most fulfilling experience of my life- the realization of a lifelong dream – Better than I could imagine. We were treated as royalty everywhere we went- the food was grand- we were helped with explanations as to the tastes and kinds of food presented. I don’t know how you provided such excellent services and accommodations for your fee but I’m glad you could. "
M. Kidd


"The trip was wonderfully organized. We got good value for our money, and I am happy to recommend the company. I hope to take another trip."
D. Sweeney


"We loved India – the people especially. A real eye opener about a world we had never experienced first hand."
Eva Beller


"In my opinion, Nitin managed all aspects of this tour with grace and good humor. The itinerary is comprehensive and covers many places other tours do not visit, which is why I booked this tour."
Bennetta McLaughlin


"Anyone contemplating a first trip to India and seeking fantastic, colourful, and historic sights, a variety of cultural experiences right in the midst of the action, knowledgeable guidance, great companionship, a high comfort level in transport, hotels and restaurants (with lots of character), and a pace which allows for both getting to all the top sights while still allowing for those wanting to take time for photographs and have some opportunities to spend some time on their own, should look no further than the Classic India tour with ElderTreks."
Paul and Joyce Pinsker


"We learned a great deal about India and thoroughly enjoyed the trip, despite the chaos, poverty, confusion, mass of humanity that is India. We really came to love this county and left a bit of our hearts there. We now have a much better understanding of India's history and culture."
Ronald E. Carver


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