Tibet - Mountains and Monasteries on Top of the World

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"The trip was all I expected and more. I would recommend your organization to anyone."
F. Attick


"The scenery in China was more beautiful than I imagined. "
C. Hoyt


"The reason for going to Tibet is to experience the local environment without unnecessary risk. This was well done. If I wanted 5 star hotels, I would have stayed in North America. "
G. Squire


"Tibet was a strange, mysterious land. Remote and unforgiving, but with wonderful friendly people and gorgeous children. I’s so glad we went."
Mike Preston


"I enjoyed every part of the trip, even some of the minor hardships. The guides tried their best to be informative and give personal information that one does not find in guide books. "
E. Meissner


"It was a trip of a lifetime and I am glad of the adventure. I went to the World’s highest plateau and found it spectacular."
Janet Hodgson


"As the face of Eldertreks to your clients, Nitin's integrity and determination manifests as complete professionalism. His commitment to excellence on a personal level is obvious. I would imagine leading a tour group is little like "herding cats" - the constant attention to the lagging photographer or the ill timed WC request---not an easy task. We were well educated, deliciously fed and moved quickly thru ground, flight and bus transportation across several borders. Our vitals were monitored and treated within a wide range from sniffles to altitude sickness. Nitin's attention to detail did not go unnoticed. He could deliver bad news to Satan and get agreement. However, if his expectations of restaurant or hotel service were not met he clearly communicates to the facility for corrective action both immediately and for any future interaction. He alone, was responsible for gently molding our group into satisfied customers- We all shared our positive views on our final night-but I expect a few to have amnesia :):) In short- Bravo Nitin and Bravo Eldertreks!"
Karla Seymour


"It was a couldn't-have-been-an-any-more-wonderful Himalayan adventure of learning, discovering, seeing and experiencing, and being able to connect with the local people."
Barbara Dexter


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