Classic China - The Classic Route

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"I Loved the trip to China. Also want to let you know that our trip leaders were superb!! Steve was fun, has an astounding store of information on an astounding assortment of subjects, and was non-stop enthusiastic, and very easy to talk to; likewise for Charlie Tsai. We couldn’t have asked for better tour leaders. And, although all local guides were good, I think Henry (in Chongqing) won our hearts most, for his obvious love of his country – and desire to share his delight with us. I certainly hope I’ll have the opportunity to travel with Eldertreks again. "


"I really liked the fact that there were always options as to certain sites, amount of physical exertion, and leaders cognizance of individual participants capabilities."
C. Savio


"This trip was very rewarding in all ways."
Karolina Harris


"ElderTreks really exposes one to the people and culture. "
Nancy Steinman


"Charlie has the ability to anticipate difficulties before they occur. He is does everything possible to make certain his clients have the best possible experience."
Lina Zatzman


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