Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe - Splendors of Southern Africa

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"I enjoyed the visits to villages, cultural activities; uniqueness of the experience - more than the usual tourist attractions; long rides - opportunities to get to know the fellow travelers; the guides - Roger is a gem; variety of activities."
N. Exner


"The tour leader was tremendous to be with – a true adventure. The pace allowed us time to enjoy the animal and bird sightings. During the camping the drivers and cooking crew were outstanding. Other highlights were visiting the Bushmen, canoeing, walking and animal spotting."
Jacquie Temple


"We really experienced Africa, we didn't just tour it. Everything added up to an in-depth look at Africa - it's people, it's sights, it's history, and it's animals. This was so much more than just a safari. The luxury hotels were beautiful, and the camp sites were amazing. Also, I love that ElderTreks trips show so much respect for the people and traditions of the country we visit. Thank you for a great trip!"
Diane Sloan


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