Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs

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"I liked the personal contact with the local people, the balloon ride, the great guides, and the very efficient organization of the trip."
Meryl Davies


"I liked having the opportunity to learn about Egypt and Muslim culture from an Egyptian guide."
Martha Bohm


"This was my very favorite ElderTreks trip so far, and I have had some great trips."
Jeannine Smith


"I loved the variety of transportation. The excellent organization, handling of bags, tips, food and tickets to museums and other venues. Also, the knowledgeable Egyptian guide. I do want to say that I think this was the best trip. It will be a lifetime memory!"
Janet Dingle


"We appreciated the activity level and especially enjoyed the walking into pyramids and the variety of activities –donkey carts, camel rides, and the many boats, etc We decided that ElderTreks had the best itinerary of Egypt with the most sites and experiences included. ElderTreks is worth the value. Well organized travel and safe."
James Laird


"I am quite happy that I went on this trip. Many people tried to scare me away, but the care and security provided throughout the trip made it all worthwhile. Also there were no masses to contend with."
Helga Kelly


"This was an incredible trip in so many ways!! It is the best itinerary for Egypt!! Amazing experience."
Michael & Kathryn Miles


"I have definitely seen Egypt. Loved the historical and leisure parts more than the hiking, but that's me. My husband adored it all."
Hester Olivia Dolgin


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