Papua New Guinea - A Tribal Odyssey

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"We liked the variety of activities and the cross section of cultural villages enabling conctact with local people - their performances were astounding!! However, the Sing Sing was the major highlight as far as a singular event. A great adventure which has provided us with an amazing amount of photos and memories."
M. Black


"This was one of the most rugged trips we have been on for quite some long time. The "down times" did provide for recharging our physical and camera batteries. All in all, we found the trip to be most exhilarating."
J. Black


"It was a fantastic trip. Accommodations & food were generally better than I expected in such a remote location. I can't pick one thing as best since the whole trip was mind blowing!"
R. Taylor


"This was a really great trip for a number of reasons I will try to comment on. Well first and foremost because PNG is a marvelous place with a rich and diverse culture and terrific people that have yet to be overrun by tourists. A number of your well constructed itineraries appeal to me for similar reasons. The trip was exceptionally well planned and executed, there was never a dull moment and that is just how I like it. What we saw and did was varied and truly interesting. My sincere thanks to you all for what I would regard as one of my best holidays ever."
R. Swanson


"This was one of the best trips I have taken. The guide Nitin and Rex and Perry were all superb. I can only say that I rated everthing excellent. Knowing what litle I did about New Guinea the accomodations were beyond what I had expected. I was not disappointed in a single thing."
K. Stergios


"I enjoyed it all, particularly the hike at Kumul Lodge, the canoe trip on the Sepik River, the village visits, the Trobriand Islands, the Mt. Hagen and other sing sings; and the visit to Loloata Island, where I did not snorkel but enjoyed the hike to the top of the island for its million-dollar views. The Kiriwina "cricket" match was fun to watch. Some tour participants joined in. Nearly all participated in the dancing at Lokuia Lodge on the island."
Robert Luke


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