Tribes and Temples of India

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"This was one of my top trips, with any company. It was a back up booking after the West Africa trip was cancelled and I didn't really know what to expect. Each day was more amazing than the next. I especially enjoyed visiting the villages, the people were so friendly and untouched by tourism. They were welcoming to us and very giving. I think Pulak had a lot to do with this, he was so enthusiastic and passionate about their culture. Both he and Nitin emphasized sustainable tourism, which I appreciate. I wish we had spent more time in this area. The remainder of the trip was interesting and I enjoyed it very much, but the Orissa portion was very special. I have traveled with Nitin 5 or 6 times now, he is one of my favorite tour leaders from any travel company. He listens to each tour member and tries to tailor the trip to each person's interest. If someone likes a certain food, he orders it for them; he points out scenic views for photographers and even lent his lens to help one of the group; he truly seems to want each member of the group to have their own best possible trip, given their specific interests. I also appreciated his talks during the long bus rides. He discussed Indian culture, Hinduism, daily life. He seems to have an endless font of knowledge of just about everything."
Susan Greek


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