Chinese Silk Road - The Great Silk Road Adventure

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"I've been on a lot of tours, many with Eldertreks, but had not met Claudio before. I was impressed by his knowledge about the places we were visiting & his obvious interest in them. Also, by his skilfulness in working with the group (including the member with dementia who put us all at risk, as well as herself), and his unfailing courtesy and good humour. I would be delighted to travel with him again. This was a complex trip through a part of China which is difficult for all kinds of reasons; I thought the itinerary was excellent, and thoroughly enjoyed myself."
Lucy Frost


"This was my 3rd exploratory trip with Eldertreks (Ethiopia, Iran being the other 2). Glad I've done it & had the chance to travel & explore part of the Silk Road."
Louise Boucher


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