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Hiking in the British Isles


This incredible 14 day journey has been designed to offer the history, heritage, landscapes and cultures of the British Isles. By spending a few days in four different countries, we will understand the distinct characteristics of each nation, while enjoying the outdoor-themed highlights along the way.  

In Ireland, we have the opportunity to explore Dublin by foot visiting the Book of Kells, enjoying a pint of Guinness, as well as experiencing the impressive beauty of Powerscourt House & Glendalough. A ferry takes us to Wales where we will enjoy more fantastic hikes, medieval castles and learn about Welsh history and their language.

In the English Lake District, enjoy a traditional cream tea, a local market, and a creamery where we watch their famous cheese being made. A steamship takes us to the starting point of one of our scenic hikes. The Scottish Highlands offers wildlife, tasty treats and a hike to the summit of Ben Vrackie, where the 360 degree views over Pitlochry and the countryside are simply stunning. We end our trip in Edinburgh with a walking tour and a bit of storytelling.  
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The Caucasus'


Situated between Russia in the north and Iran and Turkey in the southwest, lies the region best known as the Caucasus. Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia were all former Soviet Republics, each with their own rich and unique history, language and culture.


The Caucasus is famous for its hospitality, sumptuous foods, fine wines and stunning mountain scenery. Join us on this fascinating journey into a lesser-known region of the world.  Click here for more information!


Horizontal landscape image of Iceland showing a waterfall, lush fjords,  and puffin birds

Explore the rugged beauty of this North Atlantic island nation. For most people, the name Iceland conjures up little more than snow and ice. But it is much more than ice - in its sagas, puffins, glaciers, fjords, active volcanoes, lava fields and hot springs, you'll find the perfect blend of nature, culture and history.  


We begin in the capital city of Reykjavik and continue south along the scenic coast, taking in lava fields, hot springs and bird cliffs enroute. See the remarkable Geysir, the geyser from which all geysers derive their name, and Hveravellir Hot Springs - an oasis of warmth amidst two interior glaciers. Experience the hospitality of Icelanders in the quaint coastal towns of Akureyri and Höfn, and enjoy an exciting whale watching trip from Husavik.  Click here for more information!

Malta & Sicily

Image by Mike Nahlii

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily’s incredible natural wonders, mild climate and rich culture offers an unparalleled feast for the senses. The island beckons travelers with lush mountains, simmering volcanoes, picture perfect seaside villages, and crystal colored waters. Settled by diverse ancient civilizations for over 3,000 years, this history is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and treasured archaeological sites. 

Malta is truly one of Southern Europe’s travel gems, boasting an impressive 7,000 years of history. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the islands have three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Baroque city of Valletta, Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, and several prehistoric Megalithic Temples. 

Experience the untouched and rugged life on the islands of Malta, where time seems to stand still. The history, architecture, landscape, and people connect past and present, making Malta a rich cultural and historic destination for all who step foot on this magical Mediterranean nation. 
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Kenya & Tanzania

Horizontal Landscape image of the Serengeti desert with hot air balloons  in background, w

The great parks of East Africa - the Serengeti, Maasai Mara, Tarangire and the Ngorongoro Crater offer a unique and overwhelming wildlife safari experience that is simply unequaled. The Maasai Mara and Serengeti are arguably the most famous game parks in the world and home to the greatest wildlife migration on earth. Millions of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles cross crocodile-infested rivers and are hunted by lions, leopards, and cheetahs in a spectacle of survival to reach greener pastures. Our views of Ngorongoro Crater are unforgettable. The crater is home to over 20,000 large animals including some of Tanzania's last remaining black rhinos. Tarangire's open savannah with its primeval baobab trees is filled with roaming herds of elephants and an impressive array of predators. 

Enjoy tribal encounters with the Maasai and the nomadic Bushman, which are truly unforgettable experiences. Our safari concludes in historic Stone Town, Zanzibar. 
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