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ElderTreks Tour Medical Form

- This form is to be completed by each participant of your booking.

- This form must be submitted to ElderTreks office prior to your final payment.

- A doctors signature is mandatory for all travellers over the age 80.


ElderTreks tours travel to remote areas and often take us great distances from sophisticated medical facilities. It is for these reasons our tours are intended for persons in reasonably good health in accordance with the Activity Level rating of each individual tour. Passengers who are not fit for such a tour for any reason, including disability, limited mobility or other heath condition which may entail a risk to your health and to the enjoyment of all fellow travellers, are advised not to join the tour.

Please complete this confidential medical form with all your relevant information which we need to be aware of when taking our valued passengers to remote places. ElderTreks does reserve the right to decline a tour reservation based on the information provided. Any apparent falsification of this form in regards to the exclusion of pertinent information of the health and fitness levels of the applicant, which impacts the pace of the tour and the enjoyment of fellow travelers, could result in a premature dismissal from the tour at your own expense.

Travelers are advised to bring along your own regular medication. Medications and prescriptions are not

available in many of the remote areas in which we travel. Please bring sufficient quantities of all prescription

medications required to last the duration of the tour, in conjunction with a few extra days should your return

travel plans be delayed. As ElderTreks will not be able to cover any costs for emergency medical treatment

or evacuation coverage, we strongly recommend that you carry medical insurance which includes emergency evacuation in the case of any unforeseen medical incident.

Please note: On tours that are not ElderTreks exclusive, such as Aranui - Sailing French Polynesia and polar

destinations, a separate medical form from our partner operators may be required.

Emergency Contacts
Contacts who will be home while your away

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ElderTreks will not be printing a 2023/2024 catalogue. We will only have an online version.

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